Efficient Employee Communications: Step Out of the Dark Ages of Mass Notifications

By August 8, 2016 August 8th, 2018 Communications

Phone trees and mass emails used to be great methods for keeping your employees updated on a situation. People also used to think the world was flat. Times, however, have changed. Today, old school one-way messages simply won’t cut it. Your staff deserves modern technology to facilitate efficient communication in the workplace. Two-way mass communication systems are crucial to keeping your personnel in the know, and an employee notification system is a perfect fit for your communication plan.

Old processes or homegrown solutions of notifying employees about a critical event have been rendered inefficient and impractical by advances in technology in recent years. Phone trees fail if one person isn’t available and rely too heavily on individuals to relay critical information. Mass emails aren’t seen if your staff isn’t at their desk or even if they don’t have their email tab open. One way communications are like a loudspeaker – no questions can be asked in response to the notifications, and elaborations are difficult to make.

  • The Benefits of Multi-Channel Communication
    • Modern mass communication systems allow you to send notifications on multiple channels at a time, whereas a phone tree or mass email only hits one channel and you hope the audience receives it in a timely manner. Instant, two-way communications are a reality with new employee notification systems, enabling your staff to stay connected and informed. Users can respond to alerts in real time, and can be reached on multiple channels. Corresponding with your staff on multiple platforms makes them more likely to see the message and be able to act on that report appropriately.
    • Multi-channel alerts increase visibility of your message. More and more people are turning off their notifications, working remotely, or trying to escape the email void by closing down tabs. You can work around this by sending crucial communications on multiple channels that will reach many devices. Text and voice will reach their mobile device or even home phone, and email can be pushed to their desktop, ensuring they always see the message and can stay aware of activities.
  • Increase Notification Effectiveness with Clear and Concise Content
    • Valuable employee communications should involve simple and effective messaging. Alerts provide relevant information that users need in that moment. Evacuation messages and other emergency notifications should provide an extensive amount of details about the ongoing situation. Users may need evacuation instructions, details on what to do next, or who to contact should the situation change. Operational messaging can also benefit from proper messaging, including a focus on useful information – providing personnel with the what, when, and how of the upcoming event. One way to ensure your message is always on point is leveraging templates within your employee notification system. These will help you to thoughtfully put together the content in advance, instead of rushing to send a notification last minute.
    • Useful communications prevent notification blindness – ignoring messages due to their lack of appeal or utility. If messages are frequently functional, staff will be sure to tune in when your alert appears on their device, ready to take action if necessary.
  • The Importance of Two Way Communication
    • Two-way communication is a crucial aspect of effectively communicating with your staff. You should encourage employee responses to notifications because they can prove to be an invaluable asset when assembling information around an event, providing details and updates that would otherwise be unavailable. Personnel respond with questions that can help you determine what material is lacking in your original message, how to best update your staff moving forward, and provide everyone with pertinent information you may have overlooked initially.

Employee notification systems improve personnel knowledge and awareness surrounding not only critical events, but day to day logistical activities, and general communications (company announcements, weekly lunch surveys, etc.). By empowering your audience to interact with notifications, you’re boosting company accessibility, which in turn increases corporate transparency – the number one factor in reducing turnover and improving employee satisfaction.

Efficient employee notifications are crucial to a well-run organization. Notifications keep your staff aware of impending situations, operational inconsistencies, and increase communicational transparency. By keeping personnel in the know with a modern communications plan, you can reduce confusion and improve operational processes without using outdated systems.


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