Keep Travelers Informed and Out of Harm’s Way


Monitor and Respond to Threats Near Your Travelers

Countless factors could impact your employees’ well-being while on the road—from severe weather and natural disasters to geopolitical conflicts and regional customs. AlertMedia Travel Risk Management helps you plan ahead so you can quickly mitigate and respond to threats impacting your travelers.

Safeguard Your Travelers Every Step of the Journey

  • Let Your Travelers Know What to Expect
    When visiting new destinations, knowledge is power. AlertMedia’s Travel Briefs are curated by highly experienced travel security analysts, equipping you and your employees with the latest localized intelligence before their trip.
  • Stay Ahead of Potential Threats to Your People
    Whether you have executives traveling to high-risk areas or your employees are regularly on the road, AlertMedia lets you know the minute your people are at risk. Automated alerts can be sent to travel safety staff or directly to anyone in harm’s way.
  • Streamline Your Response to Travel Emergencies
    Once you identify threats impacting travelers, you need a way to reach them. With AlertMedia’s fully integrated emergency communication capabilities, you can quickly notify at-risk employees across multiple channels—all from a single solution.
  • Achieve 24/7 Situational Awareness for Your Travelers
    Proactively monitoring the whereabouts of travelers and mitigating risk is a 24/7 endeavor. AlertMedia's real-time mapping features, mobile location monitoring, and automated threat alerts allow security teams of all sizes to provide coverage on critical events around-the-clock, anywhere in the world.
  • Scale Your Travel Safety Operations Globally
    Protecting travelers facing unexpected situations in unfamiliar places creates a burden for travel safety and security teams. Our global intelligence team helps you detect and monitor potential threats to your travelers, so you can keep them safe, no matter where they are.
  • Empower Traveling Employees to Stay Safe
    Traveling for business can be unpredictable. AlertMedia’s mobile app equips your employees with up-to-date intelligence on current threats near their location and access to critical information to help them stay safe while traveling.

Protecting Your On-the-Go Employees Has Never Been Easier

  • View Employees’ Proximity to Threats on a Live Map
    Always have access to traveler locations shown on a live map for active and upcoming trips. Access travelers’ full itinerary, including hotel stays, and quickly reach them during emergencies with a few clicks.
  • Deliver Expert-Curated Travel Briefs
    Equip your employees with Travel Briefs containing key information like current travel conditions, general safety concerns, cultural considerations, important locations and contacts, and more.
  • Receive Localized Threat Alerts Impacting Travelers
    Receive automatic, localized threat notifications and choose how you’d like to notify travelers who are near an active threat—automatically through the system or through a customized message sent by you.
  • Sync Traveler and Trip Data Automatically
    Stay up to date on employee travel plans using direct integrations with top travel management systems like Concur and Navan, or directly tap into AlertMedia’s API to do it your way. Always stay current on active and upcoming trip details like flights, hotels, and other destinations.
  • Empower Your People With Powerful Mobile Features
    Ensure safety of travelers without compromising their privacy with approximate location tracking on the map in real-time. Travelers can manage custom privacy settings on their mobile app at any time.
  • Simplify Travel Reporting and Management
    Review and report on active and upcoming trips. Easily edit itineraries directly in AlertMedia for any last-minute changes.

Eliminate Unnecessary Stress From Business Travel

  • AlertMedia_Product_TravelRiskMgmt_Benefit-Icon
    Unified Solution for Business Travel Safety
    Bring all of your travel data and risk management processes into a single pane of glass with AlertMedia
  • AlertMedia_Product_TravelRiskMgmt_Benefit-Icon_2
    Intuitive Data Syncing & Collection
    Automate data syncs with your internal systems to more easily manage trip and traveler information
  • AlertMedia_Product_TravelRiskMgmt_Benefit-Icon_3
    Accurate, Non-Invasive Location Monitoring
    Know where your traveling employees are at all times with the AlertMedia mobile app and mapping features

Give Your Travelers Peace of Mind

Traveling often comes with unknowns that may cause fear and stress for your employees.

AlertMedia’s Travel Briefs help you:

  • Prepare employees ahead of trips
  • Arm travelers with critical safety information
  • Access up-to-date information about travel conditions, regional safety concerns, and more

Thousands of World-Class Organizations Trust AlertMedia

What Customers Are Saying

  • Delia-Midamba-Cloudflare
    “If your people are traveling, you have a legal duty of care to make sure they stay safe when they travel.”

    Delia Midamba, Head of Physical Security

  • Mindy-Helms-Marquette-Mgmt
    “Every company has a baseline responsibility to keep its people safe. With AlertMedia, we can keep our people safe and secure while also driving positive business outcomes. It’s truly a win-win.”

    Mindy Helms, Director of Human Resources

    Marquette Management
  • Gianetta Jones Headshot
    “When you’re separated geographically and there’s so much communication that needs to occur, a tool like AlertMedia helps organizations communicate faster, better, and more clearly.”

    Gianetta Jones, Vice President and Chief People Officer

    Coca-Cola Bottling

Threat Intelligence

The only travel risk management solution with fully integrated threat intelligence that automatically identifies and informs you of threats near your traveling employees.

Emergency Communication

AlertMedia’s robust mass notification system helps you rapidly communicate time-sensitive information with any size audience during an emergency and other disruptions.

Amplify Traveler Safety Across Multiple Teams and Functions

Empower your entire organization to protect your employees and business operations.
Start Protecting Your People Today
See for yourself how AlertMedia can help you empower and protect your organization’s business travelers—24/7.

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