Location and Asset Protection

Get 24/7 Global Coverage of Your People and Assets

Use AlertMedia to gain real-time visibility into critical events happening near your people, business locations, and assets—anywhere in the world, 24/7/365.
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Gain Visibility Into Disruptive Events Before They Impact Your Business

Threats to your people and business come in many forms: severe weather, political upheaval, disease outbreak, and more. AlertMedia's Global Threat Intelligence provides you with actionable information about threats unfolding near your people, offices, worksites, transportation routes, or suppliers—helping you minimize the amount of time and effort it takes to initiate an emergency response.
Safeguard Your People

Improve Employee Safety

Elevate your safety efforts with real-time alerts about emerging threats near all of your employees—including those working in the office, on a worksite, in the field, at their homes, or traveling for business.
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Protect Locations & Assets

Identify Operational Threats In Advance

Receive up-to-date, analyst-verified information about emerging threats in order to minimize safety risks and operational disruptions before they impact employees or revenue.
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Monitor What Matters

See Only What’s Important to Your Business

Configure and customize threat impact radiuses to only monitor the locations that you care about and reclaim time spent investigating alerts that have no impact on your people or business.
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Take Action On-the-Go

Manage Critical Events From Anywhere

Use our full-featured mobile app and location-aware, interactive map to track emerging critical events and initiate an emergency response from anywhere.
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The Power of AlertMedia's Global Threat Intelligence

  • AM-Icon-GlobalThreatIntel
    Expert Team of Analysts
    Lean on a team of experienced analysts to identify and curate need-to-know intel summaries that inform your response.
  • AM-Icon-UnderstandExposureCriticalEvents
    Dynamic Threat Visualization
    Provide safety and risk teams easy access to a unified view of threat intelligence displayed on a dynamic map or in a simplified list.
  • 24 Hour Support Icon
    24/7 Awareness
    Reduce the burden on internal monitoring resources, and enable leaders to react faster with automated impact assessment and alerts.
  • Icon of two chat bubbles
    Two-Way Communication
    Facilitate instant feedback and confirm employees’ safety during critical events with two-way messaging from any device.
  • Icon depicting three people connected
    Location-Aware Groups
    Integrate your HRIS to automatically create and update groups based on employees’ location, role, or custom filters so messages reach the right recipients.
  • Icon depicting desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
    Multichannel Notifications
    Ensure messages are received with multichannel messaging across text, email, voice, mobile app, desktop, Slack, and more.

What AlertMedia Customers Are Saying

Discover a Better Way to Communicate During Critical Events
With AlertMedia, keeping your workforce safe, informed, and connected during an emergency has never been easier.

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