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The Critical Communication Solution Built to Connect and Protect Your Team

Accelerate emergency response times and get the right message to the right people every time. 

  • Ensure business & operational continuity
  • Connect your dispersed workforce
  • Coordinate an effective emergency response

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Communicate Quickly & Confidently—No Matter What

Streamline your emergency response, keep stakeholders informed, and improve situational awareness.

Coordinate an effective emergency response

Notification templates

During a crisis, the speed and consistency of your message are crucial to ensuring a positive outcome. Standardize your response for any event and save valuable time with pre-populated message templates.

Two-way connectivity

Effective critical communication needs to be adaptive and allow for audience input. Verify your people’s safety and get on-the-ground updates using seven two-way communication channels.

Detailed analytics and reporting

Understanding what’s working and what isn’t is vital so you can adjust and refine your critical communication strategy. Track message delivery and audience responses from one intuitive dashboard.

AlertMedia simplifies our response to emergencies like active shooters and fires. If an unexpected event occurs, we press one button and AlertMedia sends out multichannel notifications to our staff.
- Chris Josefy, Director of Data and Applications, Houston Astros

Connect your dispersed workforce

Multichannel access

Relying on a single communication channel is risky, especially if that channel fails or is disrupted during a critical event. Reach employees using various channels, including text messages, email, WhatsApp, Slack, mobile, and desktop alerts.

Audience segmentation

Different segments of an audience often have unique needs and require specific information tailored to their circumstances. Use dynamic groups and up-to-date location data to send the right messages to the right people.

One-click conferencing

During an emergency or business-critical event, collective decision-making needs to happen quickly. Unite key stakeholders and decision-makers instantly with one-click conference calling.

When you’re separated geographically, a tool like AlertMedia helps organizations communicate faster, better, and more clearly. And that directly translates into a safer, happier, and more productive work environment.
- Gianetta Jones, Vice President and Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola United

Ensure business & operational continuity

Threat warnings

Timely threat alerts allow for more focused critical communications, avoiding the need for generalized notifications that may require further clarification. Receive real-time, analyst-verified warnings about emerging threats to your locations.

Live risk monitoring

Emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours or when you’re in front of your computer. Track critical situations and send critical communications from anywhere with instant access to the latest information.

Relevant, timely alerts

Focusing only on threats relevant to your organization will avoid the flood of non-essential information that can lead to notification fatigue. Customize alerts around the assets, severity, and types of incidents you need to monitor.

By far, AlertMedia’s combination of high-speed notifications and threat intelligence has proved to be the most agile tool we’ve used to date.
- Penny Neferis, Director of Business Continuity and Emergency Response, JetBlue

How It Works

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    near your people and locations
  • AM-Icon-Alert-Detail-Doc-Reverse
    and impacted audiences
  • AM-Icon-Hand-Point-Click-Reverse
    to impacted people
  • AM-Icon-Alert-Detail-Doc-Reverse
    customize your view
    to monitor what matters most

Manage risk and your response from a unified, easy-to-use solution

Take a proactive approach to critical communication with the platform built to help you identify and quickly respond to threats 24/7, anywhere in the world. With fully integrated threat intelligence and travel risk management capabilities, AlertMedia’s critical communication solution is everything you need to protect your people—and nothing you don’t.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does implementation take?
    AlertMedia created the ClearPath Migration Program to ensure your implementation and onboarding process is as smooth as possible. With your dedicated customer success manager, you’ll create a customized implementation timeline that meets your organization’s needs. Define onboarding milestones and ensure a smooth transition with support services from a highly experienced team.
  • Is my employee data protected and compliant with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA?
    Yes, our system protects your data, complying with GDPR and CCPA regulations. We ensure full encryption and implement world-class cybersecurity processes and controls to safeguard your information and ensure the deliverability of your mission-critical communications.
  • What are AlertMedia’s audience segmentation capabilities?
    Gone is the manual, time-consuming process of selecting message recipients individually, with a high risk of errors. Send the right message to the right people using customizable dynamic groups and up-to-date location data.
  • Which channel and systems integrations does AlertMedia support?
    AlertMedia works seamlessly with the following communication channels and critical business systems to help you reach your employees where they are operating: WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workday, Oracle PeopleSoft, Azure Active Directory, ADP, Okta, Ceridian, SAP Concur, Egencia, Navan, Traxo, and more. By partnering with these providers, AlertMedia aims to help you achieve interoperability within your existing ecosystem and ensure reliable communication when you need it most.
  • How much will AlertMedia cost for my organization?
    AlertMedia uses custom pricing to build the perfect plan for every customer. Critical communications technology pricing depends on audience size and geographic area. There are no setup fees, and 24/7 support is included at no additional cost. As part of your subscription, we will procure your infrastructure, onboard and train your team, and equip you with everything needed to achieve your goals.
  • In what crisis situations can AlertMedia provide support?
    AlertMedia's unified solution helps organizations protect their people and business-critical infrastructure during natural disasters, severe weather, public safety incidents, active shooter emergencies, workplace violence, healthcare diversions and staffing shortages, service outages, travel emergencies, executive protection situations, fire emergencies, reputational crises, training, drills, and more. The AlertMedia platform allows for information sharing within your organization and with external partnerships such as first responders, law enforcement, and other critical contacts to support your emergency response and recovery.
Discover a Better Way to Communicate During Critical Events
With AlertMedia, keeping your workforce safe, informed, and connected during an emergency has never been easier.

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