Navigate Threats With
Risk Intelligence

Critical events are increasing in both number and severity. Know immediately when your people or business are at risk, assess impact instantly, and respond with confidence using the industry’s only human-verified risk intelligence system designed to deliver facts, not false alarms.


Trusted by Thousands of World-Class Organizations

A Comprehensive Solution for Faster
Threat Detection & Response

  • Scale Security Operations
    Whether you’re a team of one or many, it can be hard to stay ahead of safety and operational risks. Our intelligence team acts as your eyes and ears so you can meet the demand of protecting your people and business at scale.
  • Focus on Facts, Not False Alarms
    Public information is a gold mine for early signals about any incident, but it comes at the cost of wading through noise and false positives—wasting valuable time during an emergency. Our experts filter out the noise for you and distill the facts, delivering intelligence you can trust and act on.
  • Alert the Right People, Right Away
    Protecting your people and business 24/7 is daunting for any organization, regardless of resources. AlertMedia lets you know the minute your people or assets are at risk with automated alerts delivered over every channel to every person that needs to know.
  • Engage Experts for Impactful Insights
    Gathering reliable context about a developing situation is challenging. AlertMedia is the only solution providing instant, 24/7 access to expert analysts via live chat—helping you get the information needed to assess impact to your business, make better decisions, and respond with confidence. 
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  • Dive Deeper Into Major Events
    Locating unbiased and accurate information about the impacts of high-profile events can be challenging. AlertMedia’s expertly curated Situation Reports, weekly intelligence briefs, and daily weather forecasts help you stay ahead of events happening worldwide.
  • Stay Aware, From Anywhere
    Mitigating risk requires around-the-clock visibility and the agility to respond anytime, anywhere. A full-featured mobile app puts the power of actionable intelligence in your pocket, giving you the flexibility to respond on the go.

Gain a Trusted Source of Risk Intelligence—Free From Noise

  • AlertMedia_Product_GlobalThreatIntelligence_Benefit_6

    Real-Time Threat Alerts

    Notify stakeholders and impacted employees immediately when a threat is identified near your people or locations.

  • AlertMedia_Product_GlobalThreatIntelligence_Benefit_5

    Customizable Live Feed

    Identify risk to your business faster with customizable threat warnings that help you monitor what matters around your people and assets.

  • AlertMedia_Icon_DataSources_2

    In-Depth Risk Assessment

    See impacted assets and cut out the noise of irrelevant threats to focus resources on what matters to your business. 

  • AlertMedia_Product_EmployeeSafetyMonitoring_Benefit_4

    Historical Threat Insights

    Pull historical threat reports and risk data to streamline incident analysis, plan for the future, and aid in future decision-making.

  • AlertMedia_Product_GlobalThreatIntelligence_Benefit_4

    24/7 Analyst Access

    Quickly gather and vet contextual information about a developing situation with around-the-clock access to our global intelligence team via live chat.

  • AlertMedia_Icon_WeatherEvents

    Live Weather Briefings

    Access interactive weather forecasts with our team of meteorologists to better understand the potential impact to your people and business.

See Everything You Can Accomplish With AlertMedia


Mass Notification

AlertMedia’s robust mass notification system helps you rapidly communicate time-sensitive information with any size audience during an emergency and other business-critical events.

Travel Risk Management

AlertMedia Travel Risk Management helps you better prepare employees for business trips, identify potential travel risks, and quickly reach travelers in the event of an emergency.

A Simple Solution for Today’s Complex Threats

  • AlertMedia_Icon_GlobalEvents2
    Global 24/7 Coverage
    Global and local coverage of active incidents, planned events, severe weather, and natural disasters.
  • AlertMedia_Product_EmergencyMassNotification_Benefit_3
    Expert Analysts
     Intelligence verified by expert analysts from ex-government agencies, Fortune 500 security operation centers, and law enforcement.
  • AlertMedia_Icon_FastAccurate
    Fast and Accurate
    Expert verification using AI and a proprietary tool that pulls from thousands of sources to deliver a comprehensive assessment of global risk.

What Customers Are Saying

  • Thumbnail Director of Business Continuity and Emergency Response, JetBlue

    “By far, AlertMedia’s combination of high-speed notifications and threat intelligence has proved to be the most agile tool we’ve used to date.”

    Thumbnail Penny Neferis

    Penny Neferis

    Director of Business Continuity and Emergency Response, JetBlue

  • Thumbnail Global Head of Physical Security & Safety, Qualtrics

    “With AlertMedia, we can efficiently get the information we need to make decisions as a security team. When we worked with open source intelligence, we tried to monitor and analyze every threat ourselves, and it wasn’t feasible anymore. It takes a dedicated team of intelligence analysts to turn information into meaningful intelligence; we don’t have that. But AlertMedia does.”

    Thumbnail Richard Grue 

    Richard Grue 

    Global Head of Physical Security & Safety, Qualtrics

  • Thumbnail Senior Director of Operations, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

    “Our people are our primary asset. We’re focused on reducing business risk through resilience—and AlertMedia allows us to take a proactive approach to monitoring threats.”

    Thumbnail Doug MacNab

    Doug MacNab

    Senior Director of Operations, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Global Intelligence for Any Event That Can Impact Your Business

Keep your people safe and operations up and running—no matter what. 
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Severe Weather
    Avoid costly disruptions and ensure employee safety during severe weather. 
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Remote Workforce
    Monitor threats near thousands of locations to keep your remote workforce safe. 
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Business Continuity
    Inform mitigation strategies and equip BC/DR teams with insights to prepare for and respond to business risks.
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Security Risks
    Enable leaders and security teams to reduce the impact of nearby active shooters, bomb threats, and civil unrest.
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Supply Chain Logistics
    Surface issues and threats to teams on the ground to avoid costly disruptions to operations.
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Natural Disasters
    Stay informed of rapidly changing safety risks and impact to assets. 
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Give internal analysts a holistic solution for identifying risk and alerting internal teams.
  • Navigate Threats With Human-Verified Risk Intelligence
    Travel Security
    Monitor threats around the globe to notify employees in harm’s way.
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