Implementing a mass notification software solution is an easy way to quickly and painlessly comply with the new CMS communications regulations

  • Our customer service team can have your facility up and running in less than a day
  • Our innovative software allows you to build templates that prepare for each type of incident the guidelines require your plan to include
  • Our software provides an easy and secure solution for storing and managing all of your organization’s  contact information
  • Our software is intuitive and requires no training, making it simple to implement among busy admins


2017 CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines: 4 Steps To Compliance

If you’re creating a plan and setting up emergency notifications for compliance purposes anyway, why not take the opportunity to put great systems in place and use them to their full advantage? We’ll show you how to make these systems work for you.

Ultimate Guide: How To Build Your CMS Emergency Preparedness Plan

CMS wants to ensure that no employee, patient, or family member is left uninformed during an emergency. Implementing a multi-modal approach to emergency mass communications is the only way to ensure all parties are informed in a timely manner.

CMS Guidelines 2017 – How to Build Your Emergency Plan

Compliance requires more than a single emergency plan. Instead, your facility must conduct a risk assessment covering six different potential types of incidents and develop specific emergency response plans including tailored responses to each type of event.

The Right Way To Do Mass Notifications For Healthcare Facilities

While most of the time emergencies happen outside of the ER, sometimes, emergencies can happen inside the hospital as well. We’ll show you the right way for healthcare facilities to communicate in a crisis.

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