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Use AlertMedia to improve and streamline critical communication while your employees are working remotely.
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Enhance Remote Worker Safety and Business Continuity

Remote work is now the norm for millions of employees globally. This seismic shift in work has created new communication challenges and business continuity concerns for leaders now tasked with extending Duty of Care responsibilities to hundreds of remote offices. Our emergency communication and threat intelligence solution can help you protect your remote workers and bolster operational efficiency while employees are away from the office.
Reach Remote Workers

Keep Remote Employees Informed and Connected

Immediately reach remote employees during emergencies and other critical business events by enabling simultaneous notifications over a variety of channels, including text messages, voice calls, email, Slack, mobile, and desktop apps. Overcome notification fatigue and ensure urgent messages are received with a dedicated emergency communication system.
Accelerate Recovery Times

Communicate Faster After Incidents

Take the guesswork out of who your people should contact in an emergency, by giving them a dedicated phone number which is monitored 24/7. Connect key stakeholders on a conference call in seconds to quickly align on a response strategy after an incident occurs.
Monitor Threats

Identify Threats to Your People

Rapidly identify emerging threats to your distributed workforce based on each employee’s current location. Leverage geo-fencing capabilities to isolate and proactively notify at-risk workers of hazards and to offer additional support for those in need.
Fulfill Duty of Care

Protect Employees Physical and Mental Wellness

Extend Duty of Care responsibilities to remote workers by keeping tabs on their needs, safety, and wellbeing while working remotely. Leverage intuitive communication templates and real-time message analytics to reach employees quickly and confirm their physical and mental wellness during emergencies and other critical events.

Everything You Need to Protect Remote Workers & Your Business

Keep employees safe, informed, and connected, wherever they are
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    Communication Templates
    Leverage pre-built templates to quickly send notifications in seconds to any size group, from any device.
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    Multichannel Notifications
    Ensure messages are received with multi-channel messaging across text, email, voice, mobile app, desktop, Slack, and more.
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    Location-Aware Groups
    Automatically create and update groups based on location, role, or custom filters so messages reach the right recipients.
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    Threat Intelligence
    Stay informed of emerging threats and weather events with 24/7 verified threat intelligence from trained analysts.
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    Wellness Checks
    Confirm employee safety and get immediate feedback with multi-channel surveys and response analytics.
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    Two-Way Communication
    Facilitate instant feedback and confirm employees’ safety during critical events with two-way messaging from any device.

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