Everything You Need to Keep Your People Safe

Protect your employees and business during critical events with real-time, verified intelligence and the industry's most intuitive emergency communication solution.
“Fabulous emergency communication system that has exceeded our expectations across the board.”
Senior Manager, DHL

Discover a Better Way to Communicate During Critical Events

Today's workforce faces an increasing number of threats and communication challenges. AlertMedia keeps your organization connected with an intuitive, multi-channel communication solution with fully integrated threat intelligence and employee safety monitoring.

The AlertMedia Difference

  • AlertMedia_ProductLanding_TheDifference_Simplicity
    We provide the most intuitive experience possible to help our customers save time and communicate with confidence.
  • AlertMedia_ProductLanding_TheDifference_Mobility
    We offer a modern solution that caters to the challenges of keeping an increasingly dispersed, global, and mobile-first workforce safe.
  • AlertMedia_ProductLanding_TheDifference_Reliability
    We help you protect your people and business with a robust, scalable infrastructure trusted by thousands of global organizations.

Implement in an Hour, Send a Message in Seconds

We provide all customers with simple, easy onboarding and a dedicated resource so you can get up and running quickly, with less effort.

AlertMedia Product Overview

Download a shareable summary of our core features.
Start Protecting Your People Today
See how AlertMedia can improve your organization’s emergency communication efforts.

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