Desktop Alerts

Ensure Message Visibility With Desktop Alerts

Ensure your most urgent messages instantly reach your employees—no matter where they are, what they are doing, or whether they only have access to shared computers or monitors in areas they work.
See Desktop Alerts in Action

Keep Employees Safe and Informed

During an emergency, it’s critical that you can reach your people instantly. With AlertMedia’s Desktop Alerts, you can quickly send high-visibility messages to any desktop, laptop, or internet-connected screen, ensuring critical information won’t get lost among hundreds of emails, text messages, and notifications vying for employees’ attention.
Ensure Visibility

Capture Attention Faster

Desktop Alerts are designed to cut through notification fatigue and require employees to confirm receipt before returning to work.
Expand Your Reach

Overcome Channel Limitations

Reach hard-to-reach employees, including those without a company email or in customer-facing roles (e.g., call centers, banking, retail) that limit the use of mobile phones during work hours.
Engage Mobile Workers

Reach Employees Where They Are

Improve visibility of critical messages for those who only have access to shared computers or monitors in the areas they work.

Reach Employees Instantly With Highly Visible Alerts

Communicate quickly and effectively with every employee from one intuitive interface
  • AlertMedia_ChallengesWeSolve_DesktopAlerts_Features-ReliableDelivery-icon
    Reliable Delivery
    Add a fast, highly visible channel to your emergency communication strategy to improve employee awareness.
  • AlertMedia_ChallengesWeSolve_DesktopAlerts_Features-ScreenTakeover-icon
    Screen Takeover
    Ensure urgent messages are read immediately with full or partial screen takeovers that require acknowledgment.
  • AlertMedia_ChallengesWeSolve_DesktopAlerts_Features-BannerTicker-icon
    Banner Ticker
    Display important messages using a scrolling banner ticker that doesn’t block the use of other applications.
  • AlertMedia_ChallengesWeSolve_DesktopAlerts_Features-InstantFeedback-icon
    Instant Feedback
    Send as a read confirmation or survey to confirm visibility or gather feedback from employees.
  • AlertMedia_ChallengesWeSolve_DesktopAlerts_Features-SharedDeviceVisibility-icon
    Shared Device Visibility
    All computer users can access active notifications in the AlertMedia application after a message is acknowledged.
  • AlertMedia_ChallengesWeSolve_DesktopAlerts_Features-FlexibleTargeting-icon
    Flexible Targeting
    Target employees that have already downloaded the app or pre-install on devices to target computers, regardless of user.

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