How to Use Mass Communications to Effectively Reach Your Audience Globally
Communications Mar 31, 2016

How to Use Mass Communications to Effectively Reach Your Audience Globally

Your communications platform is the hub for every important piece of information monitored, exchanged, and managed.

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    How Customers Use AlertMedia to Keep Employees Safe and Connected

    Your communications platform is the hub for every important piece of information monitored, exchanged, and managed. When you need to get the word out fast around a critical event, your people’s safety, or maybe their next decision, depends on the system’s reliability and accuracy. If you’re using your mass communications software for emergency preparedness and incident response and resolution, then you know how crucial it is that your notifications are delivered quickly and securely to the right people at the right time and place.

    Keeping people safe, informed, and connected no matter where they are in the world

    From weather warnings to system outages and unexpected emergencies, global companies with hundreds of locations around the world rely on AlertMedia to stay connected during important events. In emergency or time-sensitive situations, our customers use the platform to communicate with their people so they can help keep them safe anywhere in the world.

    Reaching the right audience with the right message

    For organizations with more than one location, accurate location assignments along with thoughtful audience grouping will ensure your communications are relevant to a particular group or location, and most importantly, received within seconds of hitting the send button.

    How to Get the Most Out of Groups and Locations

    Strategically organize your audiences based on what makes sense for your organization—include any and all applicable groups: office locations, departments, executives, etc. Your ultimate goal is to be able to create and organize group hierarchies. This will allow you to easily send notifications and correspond with a certain audience based on a particular attribute—for example, sending a notification to the IT department alerting them of a system outage.

    Assign specific addresses, or locations, to each of your groups. This makes sending location-based notifications easy—for example, communicating to your London location about their upcoming policy change or notifying your Charleston location about office closures for a potential hurricane. Keep your people, groups, and location assignments updated. Make it a priority. Accurate data will allow you to confidently send targeted messages globally or within a targeted area, knowing you will notify the right audience with relevant information.

    Staying connected to your mobile employees around the world

    For organizations with mobile employees working all over the world, you should be able to use your mass communications system to reach them wherever they are. The AlertMedia platform has a strong and secure mobile presence—with live mapping and geofencing functionality, and a mobile app that allows you to locate users in the case of an emergency.

    Live map tracking capabilities give you the ability to see and communicate to your audience from the map by location or geofencing, making it easy to track people, updates, and events.

    How to Get the Most Out of Mapping and Geofencing in AlertMedia

    If your organization has quite a few locations, use the map view to easily see and track mobile app users, incoming messages, groups, and events in the area.

    If there’s an event that’s impacting a specific location, you can use the map to send a notification to a targeted area by geofencing. Your map view should provide you with aggregated, location-specific sources, so you can quickly send a notification based on events in the area.

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