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Company News Oct 28, 2021

Introducing Enhanced Threat Warnings Subscriptions

Learn how to improve visibility into critical events and their impact on your organization with our new threat warning subscriptions.

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Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of our newly enhanced threat warning subscriptions.

Now, AlertMedia customers can further customize real-time threat warnings based on various attributes, including incident type, severity, location, and more, ensuring the most impactful and relevant information reaches the right audience, every time. Admins can also automate threat warning escalations to internal and external stakeholders based on role, department, or location to ensure org-wide visibility and accelerate response times.

Increasing Company-Wide Threat Visibility

Businesses face more uncertainty today than ever before. In addition to ongoing concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of risks—such as severe weather, civil unrest, natural disasters, and more—threaten organizations and their ability to keep their people safe and operations running smoothly.

At the same time, the workplace looks dramatically different than it did pre-pandemic, with millions of employees still working remotely and millions of others working in markedly different conditions than they did previously. While many companies plan to return to the office eventually, reopening plans continue to get pushed back. Additionally, many companies have announced plans to adopt a hybrid work model that enables employees to continue to work remotely some or all of the time. While beneficial for workers, remote work also forces organizations to monitor more threats than they might have should they only be responsible for securing a physical office.

Earlier this year, AlertMedia announced our expanded Global Threat Intelligence division—a team of analysts monitoring for and identifying threats, delivering expert-vetted, real-time intelligence to help organizations drastically reduce their response times to any incident that presents a safety or operational risk. Since the announcement, hundreds of organizations have benefitted from 24/7 access to tailored, analyst-vetted, and actionable intelligence.

However, with the threat landscape expanding and the rate of critical incidents accelerating, we’ve heard from customers wanting even more control over how they filter threat data to present the most relevant information to employees and internal stakeholders. With more to monitor than ever before, these organizations need to be able to dial in on what is most critical to prioritize response resources and provide different views of what’s happening based on the type of threat, employees’ role within the organization, or expected impact.

Download this guide to learn how AlertMedia can help protect your people and business from nearby threats.

AlertMedia Threat Subscriptions

Available today to AlertMedia customers, our newly enhanced threat warning subscription capability allows organizations to more easily configure how and when they receive alerts about potential risks based on their type, severity, and location, as well as which employees are impacted based on their group locations, home address, or mobile device location. Additionally, AlertMedia Admins can now choose to subscribe to any (or all) threats to more easily stay on top of those most relevant to them and the broader organization.

Beyond empowering organizations to gain more control and visibility into the threats they monitor, we’ve also focused on improving the user experience by consolidating these settings in one place for better clarity and comparison.

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Enhanced Threat Warnings Benefits

Disasters and disruptions harm businesses every day, and business leaders have a choice to either react once they occur or proactively plan for them ahead of time. Enhanced threat warning subscriptions ensure organizations gain valuable and relevant insight into the most pressing threats that might impact their people and business. With additional clarity and control, AlertMedia’s threat warnings ease anxiety and improve business resilience.

A few additional updates we’re excited to share:

An improved user experience

AlertMedia is concerned with all aspects of our users’ experience with our product, including its usability and effectiveness. To that end, in this most recent update, we’ve enabled Admins to now gain an additional level of flexibility when it comes to alerts they receive.

With new configuration settings, they can easily set up subscriptions for themselves or impacted audiences from one interface and easily view a list of personal threat warnings unique to their preferences or seea comprehensive list of company subscriptions for all employees.

Greater subscription flexibility

Our threat intelligence analysts heavily vet the information they collect to ensure threat warnings are accurate and relevant. But threats that might be relevant to the overall organization may not be applicable to every employee, especially if they’re working remotely in another state or country.

For that reason, we’ve given Admins more control over what information they receive based on the scope of their work and the locations of their offices and people. Perhaps the leadership team of an organization wants to be kept apprised of real-time threats facing a specific office location. Admins can set up a separate warning subscription to push relevant alerts directly to those executives over their preferred channels.

Admins can also set up an unlimited number of threat subscriptions to control what events they monitor in certain regions, around various assets, and how they receive those alerts to monitor what matters to them more efficiently. This helps accelerate visibility into critical incidents and allows Admins to escalate alerts of specific time-sensitive categories and severities—such as a fire or active shooter—to audiences that need to know immediately, reducing information bottlenecks. For example, the security team of a large retailer may wish to automatically send threat warnings about violent crime or a planned demonstration directly to store managers so they can make quick decisions about whether to close down their locations.

Additionally, Admins can now configure warnings at the category level for greater control over which warnings they receive or send to other admins. For instance, manufacturing operations often take place in secluded locations where severe weather is often the predominant threat. Rather than receive warnings on every threat category, the company may want to set up a single subscription for weather-related threats and only in the locations where they have sites.

How to Get Enhanced Threat Subscriptions

Emergency preparedness involves keeping a constant eye on threats facing your business in the short and long term. AlertMedia’s enhanced threat warnings subscriptions offer one more option for organizations looking to better navigate the future while protecting their people and their business. To learn more about our Threat Intelligence solution, request a demo here.

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