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Carlton Senior Living Improves Resident and Staff Communications With AlertMedia

Carlton Senior Living
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    Shortened recovery time for residents by communicating preventative messaging of potential illnesses
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    Increased dialogue between Carlton Senior Living staff, residents, and their families
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    Boosted resident participation in social gatherings and events via AlertMedia communication channels
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    Staff Management
    Scheduled staffing via automated communications through AlertMedia for employee shifts and attendance
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    Emergency Communication Software
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    Emergency, Operations
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Carlton Senior Living has been providing seniors with quality retirement living since 1985

Their eleven communities across Northern California offer a variety of support and social opportunities for their residents to live the retirement lives they have always imagined.

Carlton Senior Living values a transparent culture with family involvement, so they decided to partner with AlertMedia to improve communication both internally and with families and their loved ones. Carlton Senior Living originally faced several unique obstacles with their communication needs.

Carlton struggled with scheduling, nurse engagement, and emergency messaging

In the event of an emergency, Carlton Senior Living needed a way to communicate to over 1,300 people across multiple locations in California as quickly as possible. In the past, they struggled to gather nursing staff feedback.

They knew they needed a system in place that would serve as the “eyes and ears” of the organization. The facility was also looking for a way to manage unexpected changes in staff scheduling at any given moment.

AlertMedia provides Carlton Senior Living with an easy-to-use, reliable solution

“We were looking for a simple and easy-to-use system that communicated with all of our various audiences across multiple channels and AlertMedia checked all of those boxes.”

With AlertMedia, Carlton Senior Living has found a trusted emergency communication solution allowing for “on demand” communication with prompt and timely delivery across all of their senior living facilities. Initially, AlertMedia helped Carlton implement its intuitive system to send both staff and residents notifications of critical events that could impact the facility. The administrative staff sends most of their messages to landlines within residents’ rooms that have an audio notification readily available. These types of emergency situations can be a matter of life and death, and it is imperative that staff is able to quickly communicate with the right audience at the right time.

Carlton Senior Living uses AlertMedia for more than just emergency communications

After setting up AlertMedia’s platform, Carlton Senior Living began to notice other ways to use the system.

One of their most time-consuming tasks was organizing nurse and staff schedules. What was once a daunting task of manually distributing schedules and filling last-minute cancellations has become much easier with AlertMedia’s software in place. Now they can communicate to all staff through multiple channels and send out requests to fill shift vacancies when necessary.

The families of their residents are another important audience for Carlton Senior Living. By operating with transparency and open communication with families, Carlton has been able to build trust in keeping all family members aware of their loved ones and their activities. Overall participation in social events and activities at the facility has increased.

Carlton has received tremendous feedback from family members stating that they feel more engaged and involved in their loved ones’ lives by receiving such notifications.

“We are impressed with the level of customer service we’ve received from implementation to expanding our usage across the organization.”

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