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CAPTRUST Uses AlertMedia to Account for Employees in the Path of a Hurricane

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    Sent and received clear messages with their people
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    Met financial services sector regulations on emergency messaging
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    Business Continuity
    Bounced back quickly after emergency situations
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    Peace of Mind
    Employees are less stressed and their quality of work has improved
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    Financial Services
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  • Employees
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    Emergency Communication Software
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    Emergency, Business Continuity, Inclement Weather
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CAPTRUST Prioritizes Employee Safety to Safeguard Business Continuity

CAPTRUST provides institutional and high-net-worth investors independent, objective financial advice. Founded in 1997, CAPTRUST’s mission is to focus exclusively on the best interests of their clients by always serving as a fiduciary. The financial service firm’s commitment to independence and transparency has enabled CAPTRUST to grow from its entrepreneurial beginnings to one of the largest independent advisory firms in the country.

When it became clear their previous provider was falling short, CAPTRUST began looking for an emergency communication solution that could answer their pain points, meet their specific organizational needs, and keep their people and assets safe when emergencies occur.

One-Way Communication Leaves Leaders Unsure About Employee Safety

CAPTRUST’s headquarters are located in a high-rise tower, the structure of which presents unique obstacles when it comes to effective communication. When an emergency occurs, only those floors impacted by the incident and immediately adjacent are evacuated. Because employees occupy several different floors in the building and may be on different floors attending meetings, CAPTRUST struggled to locate and notify affected employees.

After the frightening and tragic events of 9/11, any business located in a tall building feels vulnerable. Employers began to wonder what communications system they would need to ensure the safety of all employees. If there’s a fire, for example, staff would need to be instructed to either stay in place, wait for emergency responders, or evacuate down the nearest stairwell.

“Employees get very anxious when they hear conflicting or confusing messages during an emergency.”

A stressful work environment can lead to diminished performance and a general decline in morale. Jon Meyer, Chief Technology Officer at CAPTRUST, knew he needed to put employees’ minds at ease.

While CAPTRUST headquarters are in Raleigh, North Carolina, they also have close to 40 regional offices spread across the country. Some of the offices are located in prime hurricane zones such as Houston and Tampa. The Firm knew they also needed a way to effectively communicate with those vulnerable offices throughout hurricane season.

In addition to these concerns, CAPTRUST’s Raleigh location puts them at risk for a number of inclement weather scenarios. Whether it’s preparing for the impact of a major Atlantic hurricane or bracing for the effects of winter weather, they needed a reliable system to inform their people with relevant information such as road and office closures.

Unfortunately, CAPTRUST’s previous provider only allowed for one-way messaging. Without the ability to get status updates and read confirmations from his people, Jon and the entire management team found it difficult to account for every employee’s safety.

And because CAPTRUST is an SEC-regulated Firm with specific compliance demands, they needed a proven emergency communication solution as part of their documented Business Continuity Plan. After experiencing a five-day long power outage, Jon and the team began looking for a provider who could give the entire company peace of mind.

Confidence With Two-Way Messaging and Seamless Mobile App

“Active Directory integration is critical. Being able to have comprehensive people data and your groups built out properly is invaluable. After all, your communication system is only as good as your data.”

“After researching several providers, CAPTRUST discovered AlertMedia. With its two-way messaging capability, complete data synchronization for every employee through Active Directory, an easy-to-use interface, and reasonable pricing, Jon and his team were sold.

CAPTRUST was thrilled to find a solution that could seamlessly integrate their entire staff’s data with details such as specific floor location. Setup was seamless, and their dedicated Customer Success Manager guided them through the whole process.

Jon and the team were also enthusiastic about AlertMedia’s mobile app. “Safety leaders often think they’ll have their laptops during an emergency. The reality is that emergencies don’t happen during convenient times, and they likely will need to rely on their mobile devices to manage all communications. Having a robust mobile app is a must.”

Once they were able to put the system to the test, AlertMedia’s true value emerged.

“AlertMedia checks all the boxes: two-way messaging, Active Directory integration, a strong mobile application, and a reliable product that will give you and your people peace of mind before, during, and after an emergency.”

Reliable Communication Provides Peace of Mind During Any Storm

Following their adoption of AlertMedia, CAPTRUST found itself in the path of two dangerous storms: Hurricanes Florence and Chris. Florence, a Category 4 storm at its peak, ended up taking the lives of 52 people and caused over $24 billion in damage. Fortunately, CAPTRUST’s offices were not badly impacted and they were able to use AlertMedia to easily communicate with their people throughout both storms.

When it comes to emergency communications, CAPTRUST needs to keep their messaging precise, especially because of the specialized evacuation procedures in place for high rises. The company runs fire drills and finds value in AlertMedia’s dynamic grouping to ensure the right people are notified with explicit instructions. They also use AlertMedia’s two-way messaging to ensure that employees have safely evacuated and met at designated rendezvous locations.

“AlertMedia checks all the boxes: two-way messaging, Active Directory integration, a strong mobile application, and a reliable product that will give you and your people peace of mind before, during, and after an emergency.”

Jon and his team continue to use AlertMedia to notify staff of office closures due to inclement weather such as severe winter freezes and heavy snowfall. They also run quarterly tests for read confirmations, a best practice for any business, with an impressive 98% reply rate.

During an emergency, things can quickly fall apart. Being able to communicate on the go and receive input from employees is critical to ensuring safety and maintaining an effective business continuity program.

“During the hurricanes in 2018, AlertMedia became part of our arsenal for communicating with the team.”

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