Global Threat Intelligence: Faster, Comprehensive, and More Relevant Information to Keep Your Employees Safe
Company News Mar 23, 2021

Global Threat Intelligence: Faster, Comprehensive, and More Relevant Information to Keep Your Employees Safe

This post discusses AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence and how we help organizations reduce risk and improve response times during a crisis.

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce our new Global Threat Intelligence division, the fastest, human-vetted solution on the market, offering 24/7 global coverage, real-time warnings, and integrated response workflows for internal escalations, employee communication, and wellness checks.

AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence enables organizations worldwide to identify critical events quickly, assess their impact, and activate a response to protect their people and business.

Why Every Organization Needs Threat Intelligence

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Nearly every day, news headlines provide a reminder of the number and severity of critical events organizations face that threaten employee safety or other aspects of the business.

In 2020 alone, there were 22 different weather events classified as disasters by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—each resulting in losses across the U.S. exceeding $1 billion.

Additionally, there are thousands of safety, security, and operational incidents that occur daily around the world—from road and airport closures to protests, active shooter scenarios, and criminal activity—each representing a potential risk to businesses and their people. While each of these events impacts organizations differently depending on their location, severity, or duration, the need to manually track, analyze, and make sense of what’s happening around the world each day often leaves business leaders feeling overwhelmed and reactive.

To effectively stay on top of the constant onslaught of new information and potential risks, organizations must employ dedicated teams of analysts working 24/7 in staggered shifts. Even then, safety and security leaders still struggle to dedicate the resources required to keep up. Analysts may spend hours of their day combing through mountains of information to identify the one or two critical events with relevancy to their people and business. While tools on the market promise to help cut through the noise, they fail to estimate the impact on your organization and your people. Similarly, without an integrated emergency communications solution, these tools make it even more challenging to quickly get the word out to those affected by the event.

That’s why AlertMedia spent the last year exploring how we can better help our customers improve their ability to monitor, identify, and respond to critical events.

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Introducing Our Global Threat Intelligence Division

During a crisis, seconds matter. The quicker you respond to an emergency, the less impact on your business and your people. Yet, most threat intelligence solutions available today are full of false positives and noise, making it nearly impossible for organizations to quickly identify which threats require immediate response and further delaying time to action. With employee safety on the line, no one wants to be caught unprepared or ill-informed.

Through our automated alerts, employee safety, security, and business continuity leaders can leverage AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence to provide real-time, verified information about critical events close to employees, locations, or company assets—drastically accelerating response times and ensuring those impacted can make informed decisions.

AlertMedia Global Threat Intelligence on desktop and mobile devices AlertMedia Global Threat Intelligence map

Identify and communicate threats across multiple channels from a single platform

Our workplaces continue to get more complicated each day. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, remote workers now comprise a much larger percentage of the workforce. As a result, employees are now distributed across hundreds—if not thousands—or home offices and remote locations instead of the relatively small number of corporate offices they would have occupied previously.

Additionally, the elimination of physical office space means not all employees keep regular office hours— with some choosing to complete tasks either late at night or early in the morning—making it that much harder for organizations to communicate effectively with their workforce.

AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence takes into account the evolving workplace and offers the ability to communicate with employees through multiple channels using its mass notification system. Organizations can navigate the entire lifecycle of a risk, from detection to communication and resolution—without ever having to switch to another tool.

Verified intelligence on every critical event that poses a risk to your people and business

From transportation disruptions to severe weather events to public health emergencies, AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence helps organizations of all sizes maintain around-the-clock situational awareness—keeping tabs on what’s happening around the corner and around the world.

Our analysts quickly vet early signals of an incident to corroborate across other sources and gather the information you need to assess your business’s potential risks and determine an appropriate response. Each threat intelligence warning includes a threat severity level, relevant background information, tailored analysis, location data, real-time updates as the event unfolds.

View local and global intelligence within our interactive map to better visualize which incidents surround your people and your offices. A broader view improves overall situational awareness, ultimately helping you make more informed decisions.

“AlertMedia helps us identify and respond to disruptive events in real-time, and we’re now better able to take proactive measures to ensure our employees stay safe and out of harm’s way no matter the emergency.”
Headshot of Gianetta Jones, Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Gianetta Jones Vice President and Chief People Officer of Coca-Cola Bottling United

Receive information from experts and trusted sources 

Our Global Threat Intelligence wouldn’t be possible without the amazing team of expert analysts behind it. Our highly trained analysts have decades of combined experience monitoring and delivering threat intelligence for many of the world’s largest corporations, pulling information from thousands of trusted data sources and verifying its credibility before quickly communicating it out to our customers. 

“Severe weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms, threatens our business every year, but our ability to keep track of these events and inform employees at a moment’s notice became increasingly challenging,” said Gianetta Jones, Vice President and Chief People Officer of Coca-Cola Bottling United. “AlertMedia helps us identify and respond to disruptive events in real-time, and we’re now better able to take proactive measures to ensure our employees stay safe and out of harm’s way no matter the emergency.” 

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AI + Expertise = Human-Vetted Intelligence

The humans behind the technology make our Global Threat Intelligence solution truly powerful. With a team of people coming from a variety of different backgrounds, including Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC), Fortune 500 companies, news organizations, law enforcement, and government intelligence agencies like the CIA and FBI, they have a unique ability to understand world events, analyze and verify them quickly, and communicate only the most relevant information that pertains to you and your employees.

Led by Sara Pratley, former Vice President of National News for CNN’s domestic newsgathering unit, the Global Threat Intelligence team serves as our customers’ eyes and ears for need-to-know breaking news on a global and local scale, distilling that information down into digestible, actionable summaries. “What we do as part of the Global Threat Intelligence team doesn’t differ all that much from journalism,” said Sara. “In both fields, we work to find information, fact check it, and report out the details clearly and effectively.”

Sara spent decades in broadcast journalism, and during her time at CNN, covered several major events, including the Boston Marathon bombings, Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, and several destructive natural disasters. When she decided to leave CNN and join AlertMedia, she knew going in that the most important element to delivering relevant information to customers would be to bring on a team of analysts that could collect and analyze data in-house.

“We are the fastest solution on the market offering human-vetted, first-party intelligence,” continued Sara. “Technology can help surface and identify threats, but employee safety is a human problem that deserves human attention. Our analysts approach each emergency situation with speed and efficiency, but also empathy.”

The Global Threat Intelligence team brings more to the table than tech-savvy. With laser-sharp focus, pristine attention-to-detail, and the ability to clearly and effectively communicate, each analyst uses these skills to make quick and thoughtful decisions. Having the right information – and fast – becomes critical when determining how to respond to an emergency.

“Technology can help surface and identify threats, but employee safety is a human problem that deserves human attention.“ — Sara Pratley, Vice President of Global Threat Intelligence, AlertMedia

Protect Your People and Business With Faster, Verified Intelligence

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your people.

AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence combines the power of a highly trained and experienced team monitoring world events 24/7 with a modern emergency communication system designed to help you reach your people fast when nearby threats necessitate action.

Learn more about how Global Threat Intelligence can help you and your organization, or request a live demo.

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