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The Risks and Rewards of Leveraging AI in Threat Intelligence

Today, more than 77% of companies are using or exploring the use of AI. With mountains of big data to sift through, organizational security and intelligence professionals are turning to automated solutions to speed up their information gathering and decision-making.

AlertMedia’s SVP of Global Intelligence, Sara Pratley, sat down with two intelligence experts to understand the opportunities and limitations of one of the world’s most popular AI tools, ChatGPT.

Sam Keller is an Intelligence Analysis Specialist and IT Engineer Consultant at Insource Services, Inc., and Steve Coulthart is an Associate Professor in the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity at the University at Albany. In this episode, they share how:

  • AI alters the intelligence field by streamlining tasks and saving time
  • Organizations can leverage ChatGPT in summarizing information and creating reports
  • Overuse of AI can impair analyst skillsets over time
  • The future of intelligence depends on the combination of human verification + AI

Read their article “What ChatGPT Can and Can’t Do for Intelligence,” in Lawfare here.

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