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Company News Apr 11, 2023

Introducing Travel Risk Management: Protecting Traveling Employees 24/7

Learn how AlertMedia’s new Travel Risk Management solution can help you maintain a safe travel experience for everyone in your organization. 

Travel Risk Management Key Feature Guide
Explore how AlertMedia can help keep your travelers informed and out of harm’s way.

Today, we’re excited to announce our new Travel Risk Management solution, a flexible and scalable way to help you monitor, reach, and protect your business travelers no matter where they are. Combining our analyst-verified threat intelligence, two-way communication system, and your employee travel information, this integrated solution gives you a powerful suite of tools to keep travelers safe and informed while they’re away from home.

Desktop and mobile views of AlertMedia Travel Risk Management software. AlertMedia Travel Risk Management

In 2023, we’re seeing a huge resurgence in travel, with business trips and travel budgets rapidly returning to levels not seen since before the pandemic took hold. And as corporate travel frequency grows, so too does the volume of potential risks and hazards safety, security, and travel teams must contend with.

Severe weather disasters are becoming increasingly common, active shooter events are on the rise, and protests over human rights, living standards, and political issues are occurring more regularly and in more locations—all representing risk to organizations and their people. For travelers—and those responsible for keeping them safe—these incidents are often compounded by unfamiliar environments, communication delays, and confusion resulting from not knowing how or where to get reliable information.

Travel safety leaders need a way to keep track of their employees’ travel locations, monitor nearby threats, and communicate with their travelers in the event of an emergency. With AlertMedia Travel Risk Management, employers of all sizes can prepare travelers ahead of trips, stay ahead of emerging threats occurring near their traveling workforce, and notify at-risk employees to ensure they are out of harm’s way.

Why Some Travel Safety Solutions Fail to Take Off  

Protecting business travelers is hard work. You need to be able to synchronize their location, intel on nearby threats, and effective communication channels. However, most travel safety solutions on the market today can support only one or two of these critical elements, resulting in a disjointed and frustrating experience for security leaders and travelers alike.

Why AlertMedia’s Travel Risk Management Is the Perfect Safety Copilot

Our unified Travel Risk Management solution makes it easy for teams of any size to keep their travelers safe, informed, and connected during their trips. Here’s how:

Prepare your travelers in advance of trips

New places often come with unfamiliar, unwritten rules and customs. AlertMedia Travel Briefs prepare your travelers ahead of time with crucial information that helps them feel secure when traveling to new locations.

A business traveler views a Travel Brief on their mobile phone. Travel Brief providing threat details and safety resources

Track threats automatically

No matter where your people find themselves in the world, you’ll be confident knowing that AlertMedia’s professional Global Intelligence Team is constantly combing through and verifying reports of active and emerging threats. You and your employees on the road can act on that information, knowing it’s reliable.

Communicate quickly and efficiently

“When you’re separated geographically and there’s so much communication that needs to occur, a tool like AlertMedia helps organizations communicate faster, better, and more clearly.”
Headshot of Gianetta Jones, Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Gianetta Jones Vice President and Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling

AlertMedia’s emergency mass notification system makes it easy to facilitate communication between traveling employees and travel safety teams in seconds. Your travelers can respond to alerts or initiate conversations to ask for assistance, so they’re never more than a message away from help.

Keep your travelers safe from anywhere

No laptop? No problem. AlertMedia’s mobile app gives travel security teams and employees alike access to travel risk management features from anywhere, allowing you to provide travelers with on-demand access to safety resources from any device.

Keep your travelers out of harm's way with AlertMedia's Travel Risk Management.

Key Features of Travel Risk Management

When an employee goes abroad, you lose control of their environment. It suddenly becomes more time-intensive and complex to understand their location, monitor for nearby risks, and reach them when you need to communicate time-sensitive information. Without the right tools, this quickly becomes a monumental task for a travel safety team of any size.

With AlertMedia Travel Risk Management, you have everything you need to ensure employee safety—no matter where they are—all from a unified solution.

Travel safety briefs

Expert-curated Travel Briefs provide key information related to current travel conditions, local safety concerns, cultural customs, weather, and more for any location. Built by our highly trained travel security analysts, these reports are up-to-date and ready to be sent to travelers ahead of their trips.

Traveler monitoring on the map

With AlertMedia’s real-time mapping features, you can see a user’s predicted location on a map according to their itinerary, so you always know where they plan to go and what disruptions and dangers they might encounter. No matter where they are, you can continue protecting them with confidence.

A person views threat details within a given radius on the Travel Risk Management live map on a laptop computer. Live map showing employees' proximity to threats

Localized threat alerts

With analyst-verified threat alerts, you never have to second-guess your information, and you can respond without delay. Receive automatic threat notifications for active and upcoming travel destinations and easily forward those alerts to impacted employees.

Two-way multichannel communication

Reach out to any employee through multiple channels, including voice calls, SMS texts, email, WhatsApp, and more. Employees can then confirm receipt of the message or respond with their own message. If travelers need assistance, they can contact admins for help at any time through the mobile app.

Integrated travel data

Sync itineraries from your travel management systems, so you and your employees can stay up to date on travel plans and accommodations. Or directly tap into AlertMedia’s API to do it your way.

Simple, robust reporting and management

Spend your time keeping people safe rather than corralling data. AlertMedia lets you easily report on active and upcoming trips and edit itineraries directly in our app for any last-minute changes.

See What Travel Risk Management Can Do for You

Traveling employees may be out of your sight, but they should never be out of your mind. Your duty of care to employees is not limited by the walls of an office building or even the borders of your home country. It’s up to you to protect your travelers from harm, and the best way is with an integrated travel risk management solution. Want to learn more about how we can help keep your travelers safe? Request a demo now.


Travel Risk Management Key Feature Guide

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