Minimizing Employee Uncertainty and Anxiety

We hosted 170 professionals from top organizations across the country for an interactive Q&A with Pam Perry, CEO of HR Equity, on the effects of anxiety in the workplace. Watch the recording to catch up on this engaging discussion.
Minimizing Employee Uncertainty and Anxiety
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Minimize the Effects of COVID-19 Induced Anxiety in the Workplace

Pam Perry has over 30 years of leadership experience and is an expert at fostering high-performance organizations. Watch this on-demand conversation to learn how you can prioritize employee well-being and keep your business running smoothly during high-stress situations like the pandemic.

Pam answered questions and provided actionable advice on:

  • Easing employee anxiety over workplace safety and job security
  • Finding the right communication channels and frequency
  • Informing employees about a COVID-19 case within your workplace
  • Ensuring compliance with new sanitation and hygiene policies

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    Pam Perry
    CEO and Founder, HR Equity
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