Fire Evacuation Plan Template

Use this essential guide to streamline your organization's life-saving fire evacuation procedures.
red "exit" sign on wall next to fire alarm panel
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Don’t Wait Until You Hear the Fire Alarm to Plan Your Exit Strategy

Whether you smell smoke, see flames, or hear the alarm blare first, you don’t have time to waste figuring out what to do and where to go. Seconds count, and your team needs to be prepared to act quickly, following pre-set evacuation procedures that allow them to exit the building and get to safety.

Ensure your team is ready to respond to a fire at a moment’s notice.

Fires can be as unpredictable as they are unexpected. But having a detailed contingency plan provides your team with a no-sweat strategy for escape. From assigning safety leader roles and evacuation routes to identifying potential hazards and inspecting equipment, let this template be your guide for crafting a top-to-bottom fire safety plan that saves lives.

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