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Business travel is back and rapidly returning to pre-pandemic levels—but managing risks for traveling employees can be complex and overwhelming, even for the largest companies. Business travelers can face many threats, from severe weather and natural disasters to geopolitical conflicts and IP theft. They expect their employers to both prepare and protect them when they’re on the go.

In this episode, guest host Sara Pratley sits down with Ben Schneider, Vice President of Product at AlertMedia. Ben and his team conducted interviews with risk managers from dozens of organizations and developed a travel risk management solution designed to help companies of any size keep employees safe and out of harm’s way when traveling for work.

Listen in to learn:

  • Why organizations struggle when assessing travel risks
  • How remote work and “bleisure” trips impact security
  • Why disparate systems create travel safety pitfalls
  • Where intelligence and automation intersect to keep travelers informed and safe

Check out AlertMedia’s new Travel Risk Management solution mentioned in this episode.

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