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Why AlertMedia is the best _ for you:

 The best user experience

AlertMedia focuses on simplicity and mobility, with no training required, and a user interface that’s easy to navigate.

Epic customer support

Understanding the critical nature of why companies use its product, AlertMedia goes above and beyond, 24-hours a day, to ensure everything works, every time.

Event driven workflows

AlertMedia offers full-spectrum mass communication functionality: the platform monitors events, helps you communicate during an event, and ultimately recover from the event.

Audience oriented design

The AlertMedia platform facilitates audience-generated content, with tools and features designed for decentralized awareness.

Speed and reliability

AlertMedia allows customers to send notifications over any channel, to any device, anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, not hours.

Modern and versatile technology

AlertMedia is used in countless ways to facilitate communications across dozens of industries, adapted and integrated using our API and flexible interfaces.

 Two way communication on any channel

AlertMedia gives you the ability to communicate with your audience, and for them to communicate to you, on any channel.

Robust and responsive scheduling

The AlertMedia system provides you with powerful scheduling features, accommodating even the most complex shift management needs.

Incident management – all in one place

AlertMedia carries you through the entire process of managing events, curating all crucial information in one easy to navigate page for you and your audience to reference.

What others are saying:

Fabulous and has exceeded our
expectations across the board!

– Senior Manager, DHL

AT&T - AlertMedia Customer

We are pushing the limits of what mass notification can do. AlertMedia has worked several enhancements to the API for us in short time, helping us get our tool up and running faster. They have fostered a true ‘team’ atmosphere both internal and external to AlertMedia.

– Six Sigma Black Belt, AT&T

We love the product! We chose AlertMedia because the product was priced right and had all the features we were looking for. The AlertMedia team has been very helpful and knowledgeable and implementation was smooth. Very pleasant experience.

– Service Desk Manager, Volkswagen