Hurricane Preparation [Webinar Recap]

By June 13, 2019 September 27th, 2019 Communications, Emergency Management
Hurricane Preparedness Webinar

Last week AlertMedia hosted a webinar on hurricane preparation and the importance of employee communication. The conversation was led by Paul Yura, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist from the National Weather Service, and Peter Steinfeld, AlertMedia’s VP of Sales.

Paul and Peter provided useful insight on communication best practices that can be utilized as we approach hurricane season in order to ensure employee safety and improve business preparation. If you missed the webinar, you can access the recording here.

Peter and Paul kicked off the conversation by covering various challenges brought about by hurricanes. The overarching theme of this discussion was the importance of employee communication throughout these events in order to minimize complications and ensure safety. Since hurricanes hold a long and constantly changing timeframe, communication is critical. Circumstances are always shifting, and employees expect employers to communicate during these events, particularly when a hurricane impacts the workplace.

Some of the key hurricane communication tips discussed:

Finding the Right Communication Technology

Some of the most important features to consider while selecting an emergency communication system include:

  1. A method that will help you monitor threats
  2. A system that will ensure admins can access the device anytime, anywhere
  3. Enterprise security to protect the privacy of users
  4. Two-way messaging to engage your audience and provide real-time communication reporting

Multi-Channel Communication:

During emergencies such as a hurricane, you can’t rely on just one channel to get your message out. Multi-channel notifications are efficient and ensure that urgent messages are received. Text, email, voice call, mobile push app, and event pages are all channels that can and should be used.

Communication Throughout Each Phase of the Storm:

Finally, hurricane communications should be made throughout every phase of the storm, from the first sign the storm is approaching until the situation is “all clear.” In this portion of the webinar, Paul and Peter discussed what each “phase” was and what type of communication is expected during each.

To get the rest of the tips, access the webinar here …

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