Hurricane Communication Templates

Keep your team safe and informed before, during, and after the storm.
Multichannel Hurricane Communication Templates
Download the Templates

Ensure Your Team Knows How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane    

Hurricanes can fluctuate in severity within days, change course in hours, and wreak havoc in minutes 

Whether you’re taking a proactive approach or reacting to storm hazards as they happen, you can’t waste a single moment keeping your team members updated on hurricane threats and organizational best practices.

Keep communication channels open with messaging for every phase of the storm. 

When a hurricane threatens your people, property, and operations, use this collection of customizable templates to instantly:  

  • Raise awareness and streamline safety preparations 
  • Notify employees of mandatory evacuations in the area 
  • Check-in and offer aid to employees affected by the storm 
  • Announce when it’s safe to resume normal business operations

Each plug-and-play template is optimized for text, email, phone, mobile app pushes, and event pages to ensure you send the right message the right way—every time.  

Discover a Better Way to Communicate During Critical Events
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