AlertMedia Announces Next-Generation Platform for Emergency Communication
Emergency Management Nov 04, 2014

AlertMedia Announces Next-Generation Platform for Emergency Communication

AlertMedia, the developer of next-generation emergency communication technology, has announced the launch of the first “any-channel” notification platform.

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AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AlertMedia, which specializes in developing next-generation emergency communication technology, has announced the launch of the first “any-channel” notification platform.

Organizations can access AlertMedia’s notification system from anywhere, at any time, on any device. For the first time ever, they can engage in real-time, two-way interactions with large audiences using an interface that combines voice, text, email, app push, social, and unlimited custom channels.

Founded in 2013, Austin-based AlertMedia has enterprise customers in a variety of markets including education, government, healthcare, energy, and transportation. Less than one year after raising $1 million in seed funding, the company is now well-positioned to disrupt and expand the emergency communication industry.

“We looked at tools being offered in the industry and saw that nothing was simple, user-friendly or interactive,” said David Godwin, CTO of AlertMedia. “Today, people are mobile, social, and expect information to be delivered instantly. We have an opportunity to reinvent the industry.”

AlertMedia surveyed the market and found two-thirds of enterprise organizations do not currently use text messages or other real-time notifications, with most continuing to rely on e-mail or phone trees. One-third of these organizations have no system or plan in place for urgent communication at all.

AlertMedia’s unique approach is to focus on a simple, mobile user experience, which allows for audience interaction. The platform can deploy a single message to any channel in just two clicks or taps. The system can then collect responses, confirm messages have been received, survey the audience, receive incoming messages or distress calls, and display all of the interaction on a map.

“This is a mature industry, which gives us a ‘new mover’ advantage,” said AlertMedia CEO Brian Cruver. “We have the luxury of developing our platform with the latest technology, with up-to-date knowledge of what people expect with smartphones and the mobile experience.”

Cruver is no stranger to filling a viable need in the marketplace. As an Enron casualty, which was documented in his bestselling book and the movie The Crooked E, he’s devoted his post-Enron career to starting companies that serve a greater purpose. This commitment led Cruver to start Xenex Disinfection Services, a company whose germ-zapping robots are preventing infections and saving lives in hundreds of hospitals around the world.

Cruver believes AlertMedia will be a game-changer as well. “While our system can be used to send urgent notifications to any group in any situation, what really drives us is the opportunity to improve outcomes when a health, safety, or security crisis occurs,” Cruver explained. “When our system leads people to safety, catches a criminal, or gives someone peace of mind – it validates our effort and reinforces our resolve to deliver AlertMedia solutions to the widest possible audience.”

Get more details on AlertMedia’s multi-channel communication platform. In addition, start your free trial today or give us a call at (800) 826-0777.

About AlertMedia

AlertMedia is changing mass notification into useful communication. When a message is urgent or important – when communication is critical – we offer the most complete solution for knowing what’s going on, getting the word out, and controlling the message throughout an event.

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