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  • AM-Icon-EmergencyMassComms
    Improve Your Communication During Critical Events
    Use AlertMedia’s emergency communication software to communicate time-sensitive information in seconds, confirm employee safety with two-way messaging, and ensure your message delivery with multichannel notifications.
  • AM-Icon-GlobalThreatIntel
    Identify Threats to Your People and Business
    Minimize the amount of time and effort it takes to initiate an emergency response with AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence. We’ll ensure your organization knows about any threats near your employees or assets and help you get timely and accurate information to those that need it.
  • AM-Icon-EmployeeMonitoring
    Safeguard Your Workforce Wherever They Are
    Make every worker’s mobile phone a discreet and powerful safety device with our safety monitoring app. Combine mass notification capabilities with the support of a 24/7 monitoring team and direct connection to law enforcement to rapidly deploy help to employees in need.

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