Employee Wellness Check Solution

Conduct Employee Safety Surveys & Wellness Checks In Seconds

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Gain peace of mind knowing your people are safe and healthy at all times

When critical events occur—whether it’s a dangerous hurricane or a fast-spreading pandemic—knowing your employees are safe, healthy, and accounted for should be the first step in your business’ recovery strategy. AlertMedia allows your organization to accomplish this crucial first step with employee safety surveys and wellness checks. Use this feature to quickly determine which of your employees need assistance.

Send surveys via text, email, mobile app, & voice in seconds
Prepare with custom wellness-check templates and employee groups
Access the platform from anywhere using any device
Know that your people are getting alerts using read receipts
Setup your account in a few quick steps—no training required
Keep your employees’ data safe with enterprise-grade security
See who has responded to surveys with detailed and organized reporting
Two-way communication across multiple channels
Trusted by Leading Organizations

“AlertMedia has absolutely helped us meet the state’s requirements around reporting to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. We use the survey feature to easily and safely conduct the necessary daily employee health screenings remotely, without the need to have a dedicated person physically screening employees upon arrival.”

- Chris Murray, Senior Human Resources Manager at Bellicum Pharmaceuticals

Send Employee Safety Surveys, Wellness Checks, and Pre-Work Symptom Screenings in Just a Few Clicks

When an emergency occurs, every second counts. With AlertMedia, you can create ready-to-use templates and custom groups to send multi-channel surveys, wellness checks, and pre-work symptom screenings in just a few clicks—saving you precious seconds during a critical event.

Two-Way Communication Keeps Your People Connected to Your Organization

With AlertMedia, organizations can send and receive employee safety surveys, wellness checks, and alerts via multiple channels like text, email, mobile app, voice, and social media using one simple interface. Multi-channel delivery improves notification delivery by reaching their people across all devices.

Designed to Support Recovery and Minimize the Effects of Critical Events

Use location-based groups or map geofencing to send surveys to employees in a specific area. Your employees will be able to quickly respond to your survey with one click—letting you know if they are in need of assistance or if they are safe and healthy. Setup automatic resends to employees that do not answer the survey or wellness check in a predetermined amount of time.

Always Know Your People Are Safe, Healthy, and Accounted For.
Provide your organization with a way to quickly verify the safety of your people.
AlertMedia’s best-in-class emergency communication software includes:
  • Multi-channel survey delivery
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Two-way communication
  • Employee wellness checks
  • Survey and notification templates
  • Real-time location tracking and geofencing
  • Local threat monitoring and intelligence
  • Event pages
  • Full-featured mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Conference call initiation
  • Dynamic groups
  • Automated data syncs
  • Enterprise security