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The United Nations on the Rise of Misinformation in Global Conflicts

In the two years since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, global supply chain disruptions, ballooning inflation, and unpredictable risks to employee safety have left organizations scrambling to adapt.

Today, as several global conflicts rage on with no end in sight, a new era of misinformation challenges resilience leaders to rise to a new level of vigilance—one that requires human-gathered and human-vetted intelligence—to succeed.

AlertMedia’s Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence, Sara Pratley, sits down with Ian Phillips, Director of the News & Media Division at the United Nations, to discuss:

  • The organizational impacts of conflicts in Ukraine, Gaza, and the Sudan
  • How the UN supports on-the-ground reporting in war zones
  • What to expect amidst concurrent global conflicts for years to come
  • How to fight misinformation with verified intelligence

Check out the Oscar-winning documentary Ian mentioned here.

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Ian Phillips, United Nations
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