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Training Tips From GoFundMe’s Director of Training & Development

Safety and security training can feel tedious and dull—but it doesn’t have to. When organizations prioritize onboarding, training, and development, the entire business and workforce builds resiliency.

For Adam Corn, Director of Safety & Security and Training & Development at GoFundMe, the key to a successful training program is making it fun, thought-provoking, and adaptable to different learning modalities.

Listen to learn:

  • How to incorporate stories into your training to make it memorable
  • Tips for designing interesting onboarding, training, and development programs
  • How to track and articulate the ROI of training initiatives
  • Strategies to engage employees in program development

The Employee Safety Podcast is hosted by Peter Steinfeld, SVP of Safety Solutions at AlertMedia.

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Adam Corn, GoFundMe
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