Mass Notification Using AlertMedia

By September 10, 2014Homepage

We live in an age of instant communication. We turn on the television and see events happening in real time, sometimes disasters in the making. We are fed information on social media, on the Internet, in publications and in broadcast media that is subject to interpretation, and we get tweets and text messages full of opinion about every situation.

When there is a need to communicate important information to the masses that demands clear and concise instructions on how to respond, it is critical that there is a Mass Notification system in place to provide accurate, fast and consistent messages and instructions that people will understand and follow.

AlertMedia is a technology company that develops innovative, next-generation Mass Notification services for businesses, municipalities and schools. It turns Mass Notification into useful communication for everyone.

NEED FOR IMMEDIATE AND ACCURATE INFORMATION: A siren goes off suggesting there is a possible tornado in the area. It may or may not be heard by everyone. If it goes off multiple times, some people may ignore the one time it could save their lives. AlertMedia will ensure the warning is sent in multiple ways, and in doing so, will help save lives.

NEED FOR INFORMATION COORDINATION: Hurricane evacuations require coordination of government and transportation agencies, as well as communication with the public. Knowing how to prepare for a storm, communicating real time conditions along evacuation routes, finding where help is needed all requires that everyone be on the same page. AlertMedia will ensure messages are sent in multiple ways, and in doing so, will help save lives.

NEED TO GET INFORMATION OUT FAST, FAST, FAST: During Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, power stations, internet servers and mobile phone towers were destroyed or put out of commission… 911 communications overloaded. AlertMedia’s Mass Notification system is a unified system that uses a variety of communications technologies. It gets messages out fast, fast, fast to ensure messages being transmitted are received before any of these facilities might fail.

The AlertMedia system runs securely on its global, cloud-based network of data centers. AlertMedia’s Mass Notifications are connected globally to carrier networks that include AT&T, Alltel, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and dozens of other major carriers.

Emergencies are unforeseen circumstances. They call for immediate action and require that important information be disseminated quickly to avoid or reduce damage and/or loss of life. An effective Mass Notification system MUST be able to do this. It MUST be easy to use and designed for non-technical users. AlertMedia’s Mass Notification system does both.

An AlertMedia’s Mass Notification system is also a valuable asset for every day, non-emergency communications for companies with multiple facilities. Non-profit organizations and special event managers find its system important should there be a need to notify organizers and patrons of any change in plans.

The best news is that AlertMedia’s Mass Notification system is very affordable. There is no hardware, software, or maintenance to worry about.

To learn more about AlertMedia and all of its incident management and emergency communication products, call (800) 826-0777. Get started with an AlertMedia trial account today.