Event and Incident Monitoring

Event Monitoring Software

Keep the pulse of your business by monitoring for critical events.

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AlertMedia monitors what your business cares about—people, data, weather, trends, and more—enabling you to send event-based communications that strengthen your business operations while protecting your people and brand.

MONITORING CENTER – Keeping an eye on your business and people

Monitor the data, trends, and other sources that impact your business resilience.

AlertMedia monitors your eco-system—operational data, local threats, inclement weather, people location and safety—any data source or item that might become an event and put your business continuity at risk.

Event and Incident Monitoring
Mass Communications Software

Integrated communications – any channel, any device

AlertMedia enables you to quickly communicate important events to any audience via any channel. It’s not enough to merely monitor for critical situations. You need to act swiftly to ensure the execution of your risk and continuity plans in order to keep your operations moving smoothly and your people and brand safe.

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Professional monitoring staff available 24 hours a day

Our trained monitoring staff works around the clock to provide you with a reliable, fast-acting monitoring team. We keep our eyes on your business, ensuring smooth execution of your incident response and continuity plans.

AlertMedia Monitoring Center

ALERTMEDIA - Keep your people safe

Protect your people in the field. We’ll dispatch law enforcement to their location during an emergency.

AlertMedia’s lone worker solution is an easy-to-use mobile app and monitoring system designed to keep your people safe in life-threatening or dangerous situations. This zero-button safety solution works in conjunction with a panic button or a timed session—empowering your people to quickly signal for help if an incident occurs. Our monitoring center is staffed 24/7/365 to accompany your employees whenever they need monitoring support.

How AlertMedia’s Lone Monitoring Tool works

how safe signal works

AlertMedia benefits

Improves employee safety and security confidence

Directly connects to local law enforcement 24/7/365

Requires zero buttons to initiate from your mobile phone

Delivers an intuitive user experience

Configured to your organization’s safety plan

Easy to implement and deploy

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