Planning Ahead: The Benefits of Templates in Your Emergency Notification Software
Emergency Management Jun 22, 2016

Planning Ahead: The Benefits of Templates in Your Emergency Notification Software

A critical event can be stressful, and if you aren’t prepared to communicate when disaster strikes, a critical event can escalate quickly. Templates help ensure that you always send out the right message at the right time.

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A critical event can be incredibly stressful, and if you aren’t prepared to effectively communicate when disaster strikes, a negative situation can escalate quickly.

The cost of unpreparedness is high – a notification that is put together in the spur of the moment can have a devastating effect that will likely prove costly for an organization, both monetarily and otherwise. Informing the wrong users of an office closure, or failing to provide vital evacuation information in the case of a fire is a serious issue.

One way to take control and eliminate hurried responses is to create notification templates. Templates are pre-built notifications that include your message, pre-set delivery channels, your audience, and any other needed customizations like read confirmations and surveys. You can improve your emergency response plan by creating templates to ensure you always send out the right message at the right time.

What are templates?

Templates are a crucial feature in emergency mass notification software. They can auto-populate a notification to permit you to quickly and efficiently send out a message in case of an emergency. Templates optimize the notification process through careful planning – providing a pre-crafted message to your user with the right information distributed across the right channels. Preparedness is an invaluable safeguard against the stress and time crunch of notifying your people during a critical event, ensuring the right person gets the right message with proper instructions for action.

Why should I use templates?

A template’s success depends on forethought and planning ahead. You should consider what sorts of situations could arise that would require lightning-fast notifications. For instance, an inclement weather event that impacts your facility might result in an office closure, so it’s important to have instructions for employees readily available on your template so they can make safe and efficient decisions.

Make careful considerations with regard to who needs a notification, locations that will need to be alerted, what channels to send the message over (text, email, phone, mobile app, social, etc.), and the actual content of the message itself. A well-written template will inform users of what event is occurring, what they should do about it, and where they should look to find more information as the event progresses.

How do templates work? 

An enterprise emergency notification system should offer a simple template process that allows you to get your message out as quickly and easily as possible. In the AlertMedia platform, templates are readily available from the new notification screen on the web application, or directly from our emergency notification app. The notification is then auto-populated with the message, what channels to send the message over, and the intended audience. If necessary, the message, recipients, and channels can all be edited to meet the current need of the situation before sending out the alert.

With a few clicks, AlertMedia can send your templated message to an audience in seconds. When time is critical, templates can be an invaluable part of your emergency notification software. Users can receive crucial information even more quickly and can be assured that the information is correct.

Templates allow for seamless communication during a crisis and facilitate emergency preparedness for any and all critical situations that may arise. Crafting useful templates depends on thorough consideration of what different incidents may affect your organization and what information your users will need. With an emergency notification software like AlertMedia’s, enacting your plan for a critical event is just a few clicks away.

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