How Our Customers Are Using AlertMedia to Improve Operations, Internal Communications, and Overall Efficiency
Communications Jan 14, 2021

How Our Customers Are Using AlertMedia to Improve Operations, Internal Communications, and Overall Efficiency

The three companies highlighted in this article figured out how to use AlertMedia in creative ways to get the most out of their investment in a modern emergency communication system.

It’s hard to scroll through Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube these days without coming across a “life hack” video. These simple, yet weirdly mind-blowing videos, show you how to solve an everyday problem like using a dustpan to fill up a large container with water from a sink. These videos almost always follow a simple formula: repurpose a product to solve a different challenge. That’s it.

If you look hard enough, you can probably find alternative uses for just about anything—emergency communication software included.

By definition, emergency communication software is designed to facilitate reliable, targeted communication during a critical event. And while thousands of organizations all over the world use emergency communication solutions during critical events like severe weather and workplace incidents, other business-critical use cases also require you to quickly and effectively communicate with your employees.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different ways that our customers are using AlertMedia to improve operations, internal communications, and overall efficiency.

Walser Automotive Group Uses AlertMedia to Keep Their Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is critical to the success of businesses everywhere. Research confirms that keeping employees informed with relevant, engaging communication has a real impact on bottom-line results.

Walser Automotive Group understands this so well that it has created new programs specifically designed to keep employees engaged and informed of what is going on across the organization. One such example is their weekly, companywide newsletter aptly titled: The Walser Weekly.

Each week, Dayna Landgrebe, Sr. Manager of Corporate Communications, uses AlertMedia to send a direct link to the newsletter via multiple channels like text, email, and app notification so that all employees receive the latest company news.

“Using AlertMedia has really helped us improve employee consumption of these important messages.”
— Dayna Landgrebe, Sr. Manager of Corporate Communications at Walser Automotive Group

By leveraging AlertMedia’s multichannel messaging capabilities, Walser can reach a wider swath of employees who aren’t tethered to their email all day—like service technicians.

Specifically, the ability to deliver internal communications through text messages has helped Walser reach employees that otherwise may have missed the information. The company is also leveraging AlertMedia’s multichannel notifications to share regular video addresses from their CEO.

These company-wide communications help keep employees engaged and up-to-date, improving knowledge sharing, productivity, and morale.

AlertMedia Helps FCC North America Keep Business Operations Running Smoothly

In a manufacturing environment, internal communication presents several unique challenges. Reaching non-desk employees with urgent information and communicating with a workforce that has varying levels of technical infrastructure and expertise can be complicated. For FCC North America—with four manufacturing facilities and one sales office spread across the U.S.—critical information wasn’t reaching intended recipients on time, or worse, at all.

Now, FCC uses AlertMedia to communicate critical, time-sensitive information for a wide range of business-critical events like annual open enrollment deadlines, shift scheduling, and even 401K notices. This has allowed FCC to cut costs and become more eco-friendly.

“AlertMedia has fundamentally transformed the way we communicate with employees. Improving communication allows us to create a culture of trust and transparency that enhances employee safety, engagement, and productivity—all critical components of success for modern manufacturers.”
— Michael Hunt, ERP Systems and IT Manager at FCC

With AlertMedia’s multi-channel messaging capabilities, FCC can safeguard deliverability by sending messages simultaneously via email, text message, phone call, and mobile app. “When we have to send out required legal notices and other long-form documentation to employees, we use AlertMedia to send them a notification with a link to the document. This allows us to be more efficient while also maintaining compliance,” says Michal Hunt, FCC’s ERP Systems and IT Manager.

With read receipt confirmations, FCC can also verify that messages are received. This is particularly useful for ensuring workers are aware of the latest shift and overtime schedule updates, which tend to be dynamic in a manufacturing environment.

From traditional emergencies to business-critical communications like open enrollment and shift scheduling, AlertMedia helps FCC ensure employee safety, improve productivity, and maintain business continuity.

Leverage a Modern Emergency Communication System to Make a Positive Impact on Your Business

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

When you see organizations achieve success, it’s not because they have more hours in the day than you. It’s because somehow they’ve figured out how to be more efficient with their time and the tools at their disposal.

The three companies highlighted in this article figured out how to use AlertMedia in creative ways to get the most out of their investment in a modern emergency communication system.

But these are just three examples of how companies are using AlertMedia to facilitate business-critical communication with their workforce. Between HR, BizOps, IT, and just about every other department at your organization, there is virtually no limit to the ways you can use a modern emergency communication system to improve your everyday business operations.

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