More Protection in the Workplace: A Brief Guide to Employee Safety
Safety and Security Apr 21, 2016

More Protection in the Workplace: A Brief Guide to Employee Safety

Employee safety is crucial to employee satisfaction and minimizing liability. Through preventative measures, you can keep your workers safe. Consider the questions in this article when investing in protection for your employees.

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Employees venture into dangerous situations every day. Workers in hazardous positions face serious threats while simply doing tasks required by their job. While most employers wish they could increase workplace safety support for their workers, they aren’t sure where to begin. They believe it will be too time-intensive, too costly, or otherwise impossible. But increasing employee safety is not only painless, it’s simple. Consider the following when investing in protection for your employees:

What Does “Employee Safety” Mean?

Employee safety is ensuring your people are protected around the clock while they’re on the job. While physical workplace safety and security come to mind when protecting your workers, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Worker’s peace of mind also contributes to their overall safety.

Employee protection looks different through the lenses of different types of workers. For example, social workers put into critical situations for their cases may need a way to call the police without further exacerbating an unsafe situation, while delivery drivers who go into dangerous locations may need a way to signal for help discreetly and quickly.

Why Is Employee Safety Important?

Protecting your employees isn’t just the right thing to do, but it also has many benefits. Research from Study Works Maine has shown that increasing job safety actually increases productivity and morale.

Advancing employee safety also decreases job turnover – one of the costliest issues facing businesses. When employees feel threatened in their position they seek other opportunities, and employers are then left with positions to fill and new employees to train. Family support is often a benefit that is overlooked by organizations. As much as workers need peace of mind, their families need the reassurance that their loved ones are safe completing regular job duties.

In some cases, organizations are liable for injuries sustained on the job. In these instances, it’s helpful to have a system in place to minimize issues before they happen to avoid causing the company and employees potentially irreparable damage.

How Should You Protect Your Employees?

  1. Assess the risks of your employees’ tasks
    Take the opportunity to meet with your employees one on one to discuss safety issues they encounter on the job. They may be facing threats that you were unaware of and a plan can be crafted to create a safer workplace for them.
  2. Take preventative measures
    Risks in the workplace can be avoided. Providing your people with the safety confidence they need to complete their job is essential to any organization.
  3. Invest in safety
    Sometimes prevention and discussion are not enough, and particular tasks require additional safety measures. When investing in employee safety, you’re investing in your company and your people.

When safety issues accompany a necessary part of the job, a product like AlertMedia’s employee safety monitoring solution can help. AlertMedia allows your employees to call for help without even pressing a button from a locked phone. This hands-free safety solution works by combining an easy-to-use smartphone app with AlertMedia’s 24/7 monitoring center. Lone workers simply start a timed session whenever they are about to enter a potentially dangerous situation. If they press the panic button or allow the timed session to expire, we’ll send law enforcement to their exact location.

Employee safety is crucial to employee satisfaction and minimizing liability within a company. Through some preventative measures, you can keep your workers safe and rest assured that AlertMedia is on your side.


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