How to Reach Your People: Your Guide to Employee Notifications
Communications Jul 22, 2016

How to Reach Your People: Your Guide to Employee Notifications

In this post, we’ll cover how a modern employee notification system enables you to streamline important communication with your people and why it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

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    Regular and informative communication with your staff keeps the pulse of your organization beating. Employees value transparency, connectedness, and being in the know. When you, as an organization, make an active effort to communicate with your people when an incident occurs, or when an announcement affects their well-being, they know that their time, safety, and security are being respected.

    Investing in an employee notification system such as AlertMedia enables you to streamline important communications to your staff—the people responsible for keeping your organization running.

    So, how can you use an employee notification system to best reach and connect with your employees?

    Educate Your Employees and Your Audience

    Once you implement your notification system, announce to your employees that you will be using a new service to notify everyone within the organization of critical events or announcements. Let employees know they will have access to fast, simple two-way communication with your company’s safety team. It’s key that all employees understand that these notifications are important to staying informed and in the loop.

    All staff members should know:

    • How you will use the system to contact them. Which channels will you be using to send messages to your employees? Inform them whether you plan to deploy notifications via text message alert, voice call, email, app push notification, or any combination of these.
    • What kind of notifications to expect. Will you be using the system to communicate crucial information about threats, or emergencies only? Will you also be using the system to announce company-wide events or meetings? Let them know what type of communications they can anticipate hearing from you.
    • How to log into their account. Your employee notification system should provide an easy way for each staff member to log in to their account and update their contact information and user preferences. This will help the organization maintain accurate data, and gives the employee the ability to provide as much information as they feel comfortable.
    • To download the mobile app. The mobile app gives your employees an additional channel and safety tool that your people can use to send messages to you, signal for help, and respond to events more quickly.
    • Your organization’s dedicated emergency phone number. Encourage each staff member to save your emergency phone number to their phonebook contacts. They can text or call this number at any time to deliver a message, hear updates on active events, or report valuable information to your safety team.

    Engage Your Employees and Solicit Feedback

    In addition to sending incoming messages to your dedicated emergency phone number, employees can respond to your notifications with any specific insight they may have into a particular incident or provide other useful information.

    As an administrator, you can interact with your employees in a variety of ways using different features of your employee notification system. For example:

    • Survey your audience. Ask your employees a question, collect their feedback, and make an audience-informed decision.
    • Request read receipts from your employees. Do you need to make sure everyone read and saw your message? Ask that each user confirms they received the notification so you know they got the message.
    • Bridge a conference call. If your team needs to make an important decision fast, get the key players on a conference call with just a few clicks or taps.

    Know in Advance How You’ll Find and Reach Your Audience

    If you have an important message that needs to get to your people ASAP, make sure you leverage your employee notification system’s multi-channel functionality. Select as many channels as you believe are appropriate for your notification, but if this is indeed an emergency, we recommend contacting your employees over text message, email, app push notification, voice call, and social media.

    In order to reach them with the right message at the best time, you’ll want to be sure to create robust grouping hierarchies that reflect your organization’s structure, for example groups based on department, office location, and role for example. And if your organization has many locations, send notifications from the map using geofencing, so you can capture all employees in an affected region.

    Targeted, relevant messaging via grouping and geo-fencing will help your organization control critical communications and combat any unnecessary confusion or worry.

    Engaging your employees through thoughtful, relevant notifications will empower you, as an organization, to interact and communicate with your people successfully, so you can continue running your business smoothly and safely.

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