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Communications Dec 17, 2020

Clean Sweep: AlertMedia Wins Four 2020 ASTORS Awards for Emergency Communication Solution

For the fourth consecutive year, American Security Today named AlertMedia the best mass notification solution in the market.

About the ASTORS Awards Program

If you’re unfamiliar, the annual “ASTORS” Awards are the preeminent U.S. Homeland Security awards program, highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions available in the market today. Now in its fifth year, the ASTORS are meant to honor the providers and solutions helping to keep organizations—and their people—safe and informed.

Facilitated by American Security Today, the ASTORS award program also serves to help readers stay informed about the latest trends and best practices for keeping their organizations safe.

“‘ASTORS’ nominations are evaluated on their technical innovation, interoperability, specific impact within the category, overall impact to the industry, relatability to other industry technologies, and application feasibility outside of the industry,” according to Tammy Waitt, co-founder and editorial director of American Security Today.

AlertMedia Wins Gold For “Best Mass Notification System”

For the fourth consecutive year, we’re proud to announce AlertMedia was selected to receive the Gold Award for Best Mass Notification System. According to American Security Today, AlertMedia was selected for our industry-leading interface, two-way messaging, and stellar customer service.

“AlertMedia provides an easy-to-use interface, two-way messaging that works across all of your devices, and an unparalleled customer success team to help keep your people safe through all phases of an emergency.” — Tammy Waitt, co-founder and editorial director of American Security Today

While we’re thrilled to be recognized, we’re equally proud to work with so many organizations now benefiting from adopting a modern emergency communication solution. A few of the cutting-edge features and differentiators that impacted AlertMedia being selected, include:

Multi-channel delivery

AlertMedia allows you to choose between multiple channels when sending your notification—including text, phone call, email, mobile app push, intranet, desktop takeover, Slack, and Twitter. AlertMedia integrates with any accessible system so our customers can reliably reach their audiences anywhere and everywhere.

Audience interactions and content

All messages sent through AlertMedia allow for two-way communication, meaning recipients can respond to any message sent. These responses can include long-form messages, read confirmations, and survey responses. Your people can also request help, share their location, and submit updates from the front line, helping you better protect them and prevent loss.

Threat monitoring and intelligence

Regardless of the type of threat—severe weather, active shooter, political unrest—organizations need to reduce the time between the emergence of a threat and when they take action to protect their people and their business.

AlertMedia solves this problem by integrating threat monitoring directly into our industry-leading emergency communication software. Using comprehensive threat data from in-house analysts and trusted sources around the world, AlertMedia performs over 100 million calculations daily to cross-reference the location of each global threat against employee and asset locations. This analysis allows companies to automatically receive alerts about threats that impact their business in real-time and respond immediately.

Event pages

Event pages provide your employees with a single webpage to find the most up-to-date information on the event, without having to send a new notification with each new development. On the event page, you can post updates, answer questions, and upload valuable continuity information—such as emergency response plans, photos, and video—as the event transpires.

Mobile app

While our emergency notification software can be easily accessed through a web browser, we know emergencies do not always occur when you’re behind a desktop computer. The AlertMedia mobile application—available for both iOS and Android users—provides our administrators and employees with every feature included in the desktop version in an easy-to-use, native mobile app experience.

World-class customer support

Each AlertMedia customer is given a dedicated customer success manager, as well as a 24/7 support line for immediate assistance. The result is the highest customer satisfaction metrics in the industry. AlertMedia does everything we can to make the onboarding process as painless as possible.

AlertMedia Wins Platinum for “Best Threat Intelligence Solution”

At AlertMedia, we believe that emergency communication software can save more lives when it serves as a proactive solution during emergencies—rather than a reactive solution. Our threat monitoring solution enables organizations to drastically reduce their time-to-action by detecting, analyzing, and alerting their employees and safety leaders to nearby critical events in real-time.

Our in-house Global Threat Intelligence team distills breaking news into bite-sized summaries and provides organizations with the actionable information they need to keep their people safe during any critical event.

This turnkey solution combines intel with action—a single source for actionable, trusted intelligence, and our powerful multi-channel notification capabilities.

AlertMedia Wins Platinum For “Best COVID-19 Communications Solution”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AlertMedia immediately jumped into action—building capabilities into our product and creating resources that help our customers keep their people safe, informed, and connected during every stage of the pandemic.

We integrated new data sources from Johns Hopkins University to get the latest COVID case counts into the system. We also added a COVID-19 filter so that organizations can easily remove the sea of pandemic news to clearly see what other emergent threats—like wildfires, hurricanes, or acts of violence—could impact their organization.

Every day, AlertMedia customers are using the platform to send updates about the pandemic, perform wellness-checks, and conduct pre-work symptom screenings on employees returning to the office.

“Our products are made to help organizations navigate critical events—from approaching hurricanes to global pandemics and everything in between. Our mission since day one has been to save lives and minimize loss by facilitating timely communications when an emergency threatens personal safety,” said AlertMedia CEO Brian Cruver. “The AlertMedia team is working harder than ever to support companies around the world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are extremely lucky our software and our team can help organizations and their people during this pandemic.”

AlertMedia Wins Gold For “Best Mobile Technology Product”

In addition, AlertMedia’s mobile app for iOS and Android was given the Gold ASTORS Award in the extremely competitive category of “Best Mobile Technology Product.”

AlertMedia’s mobile app delivers enterprise mass notification features and audience engagement tools right to administrators’ and users’ mobile phones. For emergency mass notifications, business communication, and operations and logistics, the AlertMedia app provides an additional way to facilitate and manage two-way conversations with any-size audience.

Users are able to easily manage incoming messages and responses to notifications from one streamlined view. Organizations can give their employees access to the app, empowering people to signal for help with their location automatically attached, send in messages, or reply to notifications directly from the app.

Our Mission Drives Our Success

Every AlertMedia employee is deeply invested in our mission to help customers save lives and minimize loss during emergencies. This common thread ties our team together and drives an award-winning culture and a customer-centric experience.

We greatly appreciate the four ASTORS awards we received this year because it affirms that, even in a year as tumultuous as 2020, every AlertMedia employee is still focused on keeping people all over the world safe, informed, and connected during critical events.

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