Announcing: AlertMedia’s US-Based, 24/7 Emergency Hotline

By February 27, 2020 March 3rd, 2020 Communications, Emergency Management
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Unplanned emergencies, such as operational breakdowns, workplace violence, and systems outages can occur at any time–day or night. While many organizations have someone in charge of employee safety and business continuity, those people cannot be available 24/7 to initiate a response to every emergent threat and event.

Today, AlertMedia announced the formal launch of our 24/7 employee emergency hotline. This expanded offering provides organizations with a dedicated phone number their employees can use to seek help and quickly report emergencies and business-critical events—anywhere, any time.

After an initial rollout of this service received overwhelmingly positive feedback from companies like BPX Energy, SAC Wireless, and T2 Biosystems, we’re now expanding this offering to the rest of our market and customer base. 

Here’s how it works

When an employee encounters an emergency or business-critical event, they call your organization’s dedicated AlertMedia hotline number for guidance and support. Using our best-in-class emergency communication software, AlertMedia’s monitoring experts notify your organization’s predetermined contacts about critical events over multiple channels like text, email, and voice—all while contacting local law enforcement and emergency services if necessary. AlertMedia then provides secure delivery of incident summary reports to key stakeholders, ensuring that no business-critical event slips through the cracks.

AlertMedia’s US-based, 24/7 hotline helps organizations better initiate a response to emergencies through custom action plans that meet the unique needs of their organization. Each action plan includes pre-built messaging, required tasks, and a dedicated set of emergency contacts. With built-in features like two-way messaging and read receipts, AlertMedia can verify message deliverability, gather feedback, and ensure that the right people are informed of every event. 

“Our mission has always been to provide simple but powerful tools to navigate the unpredictable challenges of real emergencies – which don’t always happen during normal business hours,” said AlertMedia CEO Brian Cruver. “Providing organizations with a reliable, simple way to alert internal or external response teams is a natural continuation of the AlertMedia mission. By allowing an organization’s employees access to our 24/7 monitoring team, our customers experience faster response and resolution to critical events, along with better incident documentation, and peace of mind.”

Combined with our industry-leading emergency communication software, AlertMedia’s 24-hour emergency hotline service provides a new level of safety, security, and reporting for organizations wishing to keep their employees connected during any situation.

Read the full press release here.

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