Wildfire Safety Checklist

Mitigate wildfire risks using yearlong preparation strategies and tactics for before, during, and after a blaze.
wildfire on road surrounded by trees and a road crew
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Wildfire “Season” No Longer Exists

In years past, most wildfires occurred between June and August. But in 2022, rising temperatures and dry vegetation throughout the country are creating the need for yearlong wildfire season vigilance. With blazes breaking out in spring and lasting well into October, your business is vulnerable to wildfire for most of the year.

Equip your organization to handle a wildfire sooner and for longer.

With this 3-part checklist, you’ll perform a business “temperature check” that ensures your people are prepared before, during, and after a wildfire.

  • Fireproof buildings and learn how to respond to a fire
  • Train your people on safety skills and evacuation routes
  • Create safe return policies and communicate plans to your team
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