Hurricane Preparedness and Response Checklist

Hurricane season can be catastrophic for businesses and employees alike. When your organization or your people are in the path of a major storm, you need to react swiftly and decisively.

Taking a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness in advance of a hurricane is key to mitigating the impact it can have on your employees and business.
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Keep Your Business and Employees Safe Throughout Hurricane Season

Assess the impact a hurricane or tropical storm may have on your employees, family members, and the business. Review and incorporate preparedness tips into your disaster plan to protect your organization through the main phases of a hurricane—before, during, and after the storm.

Use our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist to ensure your business is hurricane-ready

While you can’t control a hurricane’s path or the damage it could unleash, there are measures every organization can take to protect its people and operations.

From flood insurance policies, emergency supplies, and monitoring NOAA advisories to designating an emergency shelter, safeguarding important documents, and general emergency management best practices, use our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist to learn what you can do to plan ahead and keep everyone safe.

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