Overcome the Communication Challenges of a Political Demonstration

Identify common safety scenarios you may encounter, the steps you can take to address those challenges, and easily craft messaging that helps keep your people safe and informed during every stage of a political demonstration.
crowd of people at a demonstration
Download the Templates

Keep Your Entire Workforce Informed of Nearby Disruptions

Whether your organization is back in the office or working from home, it is important to keep employees updated before, during, and after a local demonstration to ensure safety and business continuity.

Streamline your messaging during a political demonstration

Public demonstrations can create business or transportation disruptions and pose safety risks to your people. Use these templates to send fast, effective messages that reach your audience over any channel and allow your people to provide feedback or confirm their safety.

Discover a Better Way to Communicate During Critical Events
With AlertMedia, keeping your workforce safe, informed, and connected during an emergency has never been easier.

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