COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Templates

Use these 23 templates to effectively communicate during any scenario that you and your employees may face as the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed.
people in line at a medical facility with two medical staff offering service
Download the Templates

Engage Employees During Every Phase of the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

From updates on state and local distribution plans to internal policies and guidelines, there is a lot to consider when communicating with your employees about the COVID-19 vaccine. With a well-designed communication strategy, your organization can ensure a safe, supportive, and inclusive workplace for all employees.

Take the stress out of vaccine-related messaging

These fill-in-the-blank templates make it easy to tailor your organization’s vaccine-related messages to different communication channels—ensuring that important messages reach the right people at the right time.

Discover a Better Way to Communicate During Critical Events
With AlertMedia, keeping your workforce safe, informed, and connected during an emergency has never been easier.

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