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Whataburger’s Best Practices for Emergency Management

Whataburger is a household name and a staple of communities across the country. With 860 quick-service restaurants in 14 states and more than 50,000 employees to protect, safety is a top priority for the beloved burger chain 24/7.

Ron Derrick, Corporate Senior Emergency Manager, leads Whataburger’s robust command center and is responsible for all escalated incidents at the restaurants, learning centers, and corporate offices. His passion for emergency management was inspired by his 30-year career in fire and EMS, and he incorporates that passion into Whataburger’s preparedness and response plans to help mitigate issues before they happen.

In this episode, Ron describes:

  • How Whataburger’s contact center serves as a “911” for all locations to ask questions or report disruptions
  • The structure of Whataburger’s command center that triages any escalated incidents
  • Why an effective communication matrix expedites crisis response and recovery
  • The importance of continuously monitoring and identifying threats to stay ahead of potential emergencies
  • How Whataburger supports their local communities after natural disasters

The Employee Safety Podcast is hosted by Peter Steinfeld, SVP of Safety Solutions at AlertMedia.

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