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As Companies Transition to Hybrid Work, AlertMedia Offers New Mobile App Features to Keep Anywhere Workers Safe

Real-time threat intelligence, combined with location safety data from GeoSure and 24x7 safety monitoring, empowers employees to make informed safety decisions
Jun 15, 2021

AlertMedia, the world’s leading emergency communication provider, today announced the launch of several new mobile app features designed to keep today’s hybrid workforce and anywhere workers safe and connected to their organization while traveling, working remotely, or on the go. Employees of organizations with an AlertMedia account can now access real-time information about emerging threats happening anywhere in the world through the AlertMedia mobile app, with the option also to leverage dynamic location tracking to receive instantaneous threat intelligence alerts about environmental hazards, crime, and other potentially dangerous incidents happening nearby. Additionally, through a new partnership with GeoSure, employees can access detailed neighborhood and city-level safety scores for any work or travel destination to help them quickly and accurately understand their surroundings when in unfamiliar places.

“With employees working from locations all over the world, often away from a traditional office, it’s much harder to identify unpredictable events that threaten their safety and productivity. The new normal demands that organizations adapt, and keep their employees safe and connected, wherever they are,” said Brian Cruver, CEO and Founder at AlertMedia. “Our mobile app technology provides a powerful way for employers to ensure their people know what threats exist nearby, while also providing the employees with simple and intuitive ways to signal for help during an emergency.”

As offices begin to reopen amid the vaccine rollout, many companies are exploring more flexible work options. In a global survey from Accenture, three-quarters of workers said they want a mix of office and remote working to become the new norm, creating greater complexity for employers needing to locate and communicate with impacted employees during emergencies. Additionally, with business travel rapidly returning to pre-pandemic levels, employers are faced with how to efficiently and effectively monitor and communicate with an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce.

AlertMedia’s new mobile features create a more direct connection between employers and workers while enabling employees to play an active role in making informed decisions that impact their well-being. With access to 24/7, location-aware intelligence alongside hyper-local safety scores from GeoSure, employees can more easily assess, evaluate, and navigate evolving incidents and unfamiliar travel locations to avoid potential threats that present safety risks.

“Even though more people are returning to the office, finding ways to communicate effectively continues to be a challenge,” said Donna Kelly, Head of Facilities at Rakuten. “Rather than send an email to employees hoping they will read it, AlertMedia enables our employees to manage their own safety at their own site. Our employees are our most valuable asset. By providing them access to the AlertMedia mobile app, we are demonstrating our vested interest in their well-being.”

AlertMedia’s new mobile features include:

  • Global Threat Intelligence: Empower employees with real-time threat intelligence and warnings concerning incidents happening near their office, homes, or mobile location to improve situational awareness and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Employee Safety Monitoring: Give employees an instant, reliable connection to support from your organization or law enforcement with distress signal capabilities, including a one-touch panic button and timed monitoring session, both supported by a 24/7 dedicated monitoring team providing live support while response teams and law enforcement are alerted.
  • GeoSure GeoSafeScores™: Deliver at-a-glance safety data for more than 65,000 cities, towns, and neighborhoods worldwide to provide employees an overall safety rating and contextual information for any location spanning eight risk categories: Women’s Safety, LGBTQ+ Safety, Physical Harm, Theft, Health & Medical, Basic Freedoms, Nighttime, and Overall Safety.

“Our mission is to help anyone, whether for business or pleasure, travel more confidently and safely,” said Michael Becker, CEO at GeoSure. “We’re thrilled to partner with AlertMedia to extend the reach of our data and help employees take extra precautions and steer clear of potential threats when traveling to less familiar environments.”

To learn more about each of AlertMedia’s new mobile app features, visit the website or request a live demo here.

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