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AlertMedia Introduces Threat History to Help Organizations Assess and Reduce Risk

With access to verified historical data, organizations can better anticipate and prepare for unplanned events
Jan 20, 2022

AlertMedia, the world’s leading emergency communication provider, today announced a significant enhancement to its Global Threat Intelligence solution, providing organizations with access to verified, historical data about a wide range of physical threats in any location of interest around the world. Using Threat History, which is immediately available to AlertMedia customers worldwide, organizations can conduct detailed assessments to identify at-risk employees and locations, determine trends in threat activity, and inform strategic decision-making concerning the future of their businesses.

In keeping with its mission to help organizations more easily identify, monitor, and assess risks to their people and business, AlertMedia’s Threat History adds yet another data source for security teams to better understand and mitigate potentially dangerous and disruptive threats, such as natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires, civil unrest, and violence and crime.

After enduring prolonged disruptions to normal operations due to COVID-19, organizations are once again increasing investments in pre-pandemic activities, including geographic expansion and business travel. In fact, according to research by JLL, a world leader in real estate services, commercial leasing activity rose by nearly eight percent in Q3 2021. At the same time, the latest business travel index from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) predicts business travel spending will surge in 2022 to more than $1 trillion.

“AlertMedia is addressing the needs of global security teams by providing a solution for longer-term threat analysis,” said Brian Cruver, CEO and Founder of AlertMedia. “We already help our customers identify and respond to active threats in real time, so it only made sense for us to provide our customers with a historical view of what’s happened in locations they care about so they can better prepare and make informed decisions about how to best protect their people and assets.”

Using Threat History, organizations can analyze trends in risk and exposure to their people and assets through post-event analysis and reporting. Similarly, security teams will be able to indicate whether their organization is more likely to be impacted by future threats given previous events. As a result, organizations can make smarter, safer, and more informed business decisions. This might include identifying the location for a new office or renegotiating annual insurance costs based on total risk facing the business.

AlertMedia’s Threat History offers several key capabilities to support organizational risk assessments and business planning, including:

  • Customizable Map: Provides companies with a visualization of their people, locations, and all threats that happened in a certain region and timeframe, with the option to filter by category, severity, and keywords of interest.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Companies can export a raw data report of all threat summary information, including location coordinates and time reported for internal analysis.
  • Advanced Search: Search prior incidents using keywords to narrow in on specific topics of interest for internal stakeholders or post-analysis situation reports.

“Historically, analyzing past events and determining how to factor known risks into operational planning efforts was a time-consuming and highly manual process,” said Matt McMahan, Senior Manager of Business Continuity and Records at Texas Roadhouse. “With AlertMedia’s Threat History, we’re looking forward to exploring how access to verified historical data can help us predict future threats at existing and prospective locations.”

For more information on AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence solution and Threat History feature, visit the AlertMedia blog or request a demo to learn more about how Threat History can help you protect your people and organization.

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