SafeSignal protects your lone workers

Improves lone worker safety and security confidence

Directly connects to local law enforcement 24/7/365

Requires zero buttons to initiate from your mobile phone

Delivers an intuitive user experience maximizing lone worker safety

Configured to your organization’s safety plan

Easy to implement and deploy

Without pressing a button, lone workers can quickly signal for help from a locked phone.

SafeSignal is an easy-to-use mobile app and monitoring system designed to keep your lone workers safe in life-threatening or dangerous situations. This zero-button safety solution works in conjunction with a tether (plugged into any iOS or Android smartphone) or a timed session—empowering your lone workers to quickly send a distress signal to the AlertMedia Monitoring Center in an emergency. We will immediately dispatch law enforcement to the user’s precise location, dramatically increasing lone worker safety.

lone worker safety solution

Professional monitoring staff available 24 hours a day

Our trained monitoring staff works around the clock to provide you with a reliable, fast-acting monitoring team. We accompany your lone workers whenever they need monitoring support 24/7/365, ensuring smooth execution of your incident response and continuity plans.

What people are saying about SafeSignal lone worker app

I would strongly encourage employers to consider these types of apps for employees who might find themselves in sticky situations from time to time.

Dan Olds, Gabriel Consulting Group

In an emergency, workers don't have time to enter a password, swipe a screen to activate an app and then report what the problem is at the moment...SafeSignal makes the emergency declaration instant and seamless.

Todd Weiss, eWeek News

I have argued for things like this ever since I got mugged in front of my own home and was unable to get my camera working in time because of the password. Particularly for older employees and those in dangerous jobs, they may not be able to put in a password, or by the time they do it, they'll be dead.

Rob Enderle, Principal of Enderle Group

AlertMedia team consistently goes above and beyond in its commitment to our staff’s safety and we very much appreciate it. SafeSignal makes me feel more secure knowing that I could easily pull the tether if I felt in danger.

Penelope Doherty, Managing Director, Texas DFPS

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