Emergency Notification System – Keep Your People Safe, Informed, and Connected.

What is an Emergency Notification System?

An emergency notification system is a collection of software and services used to send important messages to any audience, over any channel (text, voice call, mobile application push, email, social, etc.), across all devices to anywhere in the world.

Emergency Notification System Introduction

Emergency notification systems help keep your people safe, informed, and connected anywhere around the globe.

Successfully implementing an emergency notification system helps organizations keep their people:

Safe: In the face of an emergency, administrators can quickly send the critical notifications required to keep their people out of danger, while mitigating loss. The definition of emergency varies across industries, but there is a common thread: some events and their related messages are too important for just email.

Informed: When an organization sends emergency notifications, it’s distributing information that results in an informed audience, one capable of navigating their local environment more effectively. With a truly successful emergency notification system deployment, the organization’s audience will also be able to share insights from the front line with administrators. This level of two-way communication establishes a strong base of awareness, and thus an ability to act quickly and safely.

Connected: Organizations need to support and protect their people across multiple locations, while in transit between locations, and while traveling both domestically and internationally. Whether a person is at their desk, in their car, still at home, visiting a client, or traveling to the London office, that person needs to remain connected to their organization.

Key feature requirements to make your emergency notification system simply…effective.

Whether you’re adding mass notification capabilities for the first time, or updating from that legacy system to a modern emergency notification system, you’ll want to consider how particular features line up with your organization’s requirements. So, when honing in on your emergency notification vendor, demand the following features:

Speed – Every second counts when you need to communicate in the face of an emergency or critical event, so require parallel delivery of your notifications across multiple channels to massive audiences – in seconds!

Multi-channel notification delivery – Some messages are more important than email – they require a notification strategy that ensures delivery to the audience. Make sure your emergency notification software delivers simultaneously over text, voice call, mobile app push notifications, email, and social media accounts at a minimum. If you have custom channels, just make sure you have access to your technology via an API – allowing for the delivery of notifications over custom channels.

Emergency Notification System Channels

Send emergency notifications over multiple channels to ensure delivery to your people. Use text, voice call, mobile app, and email to reach massive audiences quickly.

Message customization per channel – You will want the ability to customize your notifications depending on the channel. Texts, for example, should be brief. You might want to enhance emails with a subject and attachments. Your voice notifications might be better off as personal recordings put together by your administrator. We live in a world where your notifications can be delivered in a number of ways, and accordingly, the same message should be able to adapt to the specific delivery channel.

Audience grouping – Nothing is more important than finding the right audience at the right time. When you’re hurried to send a notification, you need simple people grouping so the administrator can target recipient audiences quickly.

Notification templates – Imagine a two-click notification experience. That’s what you can achieve with smart notification templates that are pre-built notifications ready to send when the time arrives. Pre-build notification templates for predictable events like office closures and other urgent items you can anticipate.

Emergency Notification System Templates

Pre-build emergency notification templates so you can literally send a message in two clicks.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS – Leverage the power of emergency mass notification while on the go, and reach thousands of people with just a few clicks, right from your mobile device or tablet! And use mobile applications to capture the location of your people, and provide those audiences with yet another channel for two-way communication.

Easy-to-use experience – When you or your team are reacting to an emergency, you don’t have time to stumble through an outdated, difficult notification process. Demand an emergency notification system experience built with modern technology and intuitive design.

Map view – Monitoring your audiences is half of the challenge – are they safe, is danger approaching them, are they near an incident? A map view of your groups, your mobile people, and the location of incoming messages and events paints the perfect picture of your audience location and condition. A picture is often worth more than a thousand words!

Emergency Notification System Map

Visually establish your audience with events and locations to improve your ability to send emergency notifications swiftly and with great accuracy.

Geo-fencing – Don’t just see your people and events, communicate directly from the map. Drag a fence around an area to initiate a notification to all of your people in that location. With mobile users and thoughtful groups, your audience can be dynamically built in real time.

Emergency Notification System geo fencing

Establish dynamic audiences for your emergency notifications based on current locations.

Audience feedback – Your people are the eyes and ears of your organization. Give them the opportunity to call you for help, to reply to your notifications, and to leave your administrators a message. By connecting with your audience, you will have a more informed, safe organization.

Emergency Notification System Feedback

Audience feedback turns emergency notifications into potentially life-saving conversations.

Integrations – Your organization is heavily invested in software to run and manage your business. Make sure your emergency notification system can integrate with your systems to reduce administrative burden and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your communications. The most common integrations include Active Directory and HRIS or Human Capital Management for people syncing. You can also integrate to improve communications around operational processes.

Customer support – Don’t just look for an emergency notification system vendor; look for a partner. The right customer-centric delivery model will keep your organization from buying software that’s hard to implement, costly to manage, and painful to use. Find a software provider who will act as an extension of your team.

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What makes the best Emergency Notification System?

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