AlertMedia Real-Time Engagement

Real-Time Business Communications

Notify and connect with your audience around important events.

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Our customers use AlertMedia’s flexible mass communication solution to interact with a vast range of audiences to improve engagement and coordination where it matters most for their business.


Audience Participation

Our platform was designed with a key component of communication in mind: the audience. The audience can participate via survey, confirming they received a critical message, and responding to any message or sending in a tip.

Audience Driven

Our customers empower their people to send messages directly to them—text messages, emails, and voicemails. Your dedicated emergency phone number gives your people a quick, easy way to access you with important information.

Audience Feedback

Conduct surveys for scheduling, logistics, and voting. In time-sensitive situations, request read receipts from your audience. Evaluate scenarios and make quick, informed decisions with real-time statistics and interactive feedback charts.

Real-time Engagement

From promotions and events to news and status updates, our customers leverage the system to unify messaging for their people on all fronts. Opt-in and -out subscriptions allow you to engage any group of people with customized communications.

Multi-channel Interaction

Customers utilize the platform’s multi-channel functionality to interact with their people at the right time, over the right channel. At events, out in the field, at different locations all over the world, connect your audience over any channel.

Event Management

Customers rely on AlertMedia to deliver timely event updates and announcements internally and externally to manage massive productions. Send targeted messages to different groups of people—coordinating staff, volunteers, members, and more around an event.


DHL powered by the AlertMedia platform

DHL engages their customers with a custom subscription program powered by the AlertMedia platform. They keep customers in the loop with delivery status updates, important news, special promotions, and more.

AQHA - AlertMedia Customer

AQHA coordinates and manages their events through real-time communications. From crowd participation to volunteer and staff coordination, AQHA keeps their audience engaged and informed.

The Y of Central Maryland - AlertMedia Customers

The Y of Central Maryland communicates daily with their thousands of members using AlertMedia’s simple and easy-to-deploy platform. They offer members and supporters the option to stay connected with regular Y updates and event notifications.

AlertMedia Use Case Guide

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