Is Your Business Prepared for Winter? [Webinar Recap]

By November 19, 2018 September 27th, 2019 Emergency Management, Safety and Security

Last week AlertMedia, in coordination with Continuity Insights, sponsored a webinar on the winter hazards that businesses face and the things businesses should do to prepare and respond. AlertMedia’s VP of Sales, Peter Steinfeld, a 15-year industry veteran, joined Paul Yura, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service. Each contributed their insights and experience to educate a packed audience on how to improve their business readiness for the coming winter. Here’s a recap of some of the highlights:

How Is Your Business Impacted By Winter?

Paul kicked off the discussion by talking about some of the hazards that businesses face in the winter time. Paul impressed many in the audience with the extent that winter affects businesses across the United States, not just northern states. For example, Paul pointed out that the Orlando, Florida airport ranked third in the nation for flight delays during winter, due partially to all the travel by snow birds. This impacts not only businesses in Florida, but any business that operates in Florida in any way. He also highlighted the rising trend of school cancellations during the wintertime, something we’ve definitely been seeing more of here in Austin, Texas.

What You Need To Do To Be Ready For Winter

Next, Paul and Peter outlined a concrete plan that businesses could follow to prepare themselves for these winter hazards. This starts with identifying the threats the business faces. For example, a business in Austin, Texas is going to face vastly different challenges than a business in Bangor, Maine. Once business leaders identify relevant threats, they have to come up with a concrete plan to address those threats. Paul and Peter suggested a comprehensive framework in which to do this.

Important Communication Tips

Finally, Peter gave 7 great tips on how to communicate more effectively during winter. One of the more popular tips was to leverage notification templates to save time. Companies that can anticipate the most likely events they’ll face should prepare messages before those events hit. This will ensure rapid dissemination of information, provide consistent messaging, and ensure managers don’t forget important information when under stress.

To get the rest of the tips, check out the on-demand webinar at this link, or download the companion eBook.


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