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Company News Jul 26, 2022

Introducing Analyst Access: Real-Time Insights on Emerging Threats

Respond to critical incidents confidently with 24/7 access to expert analysts.

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Today’s threat landscape is more varied and intense than ever before. Natural disasters and weather-related emergencies are increasing in frequency, impact, and cost. Workplace violence events are also increasing, with the rate of active shooter events jumping by more than 50% in 2021 and incidents of assault at work nearly doubling in the last 10 years.

With your people’s safety and business continuity always on the line, it’s critical that you are armed with high-quality intel about developing threats. Having the right details about an event can make a major difference in the effectiveness of your response. The implication of a critical event is in some way unique to every business. Getting quick answers to your custom questions can make all the difference in making the right decision to act with confidence.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Analyst Access, a significant addition to our Threat Intelligence solution. With Analyst Access, you can now have 24/7 access to our global threat intelligence team of analysts to gather context, clarify details as an event develops, and collaborate directly with experts—as well as security leaders at other organizations—to ensure a safe, effective resolution.

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Clarity, Context, and Collaboration During Any Crisis

Your ability to react quickly during a crisis can be the difference between a successful response and a dire catastrophe. But speed alone is an incomplete equation without pertinent intel to direct your actions. To respond effectively to a threat, you need reliable information.

With Analyst Access, any organization can easily solicit more details about events so they can feel confident about their decisions and ensure the right information gets to the right people when it matters most. This added context also accelerates emergency response time by providing safety and security leaders the information they need, when they need it, without having to do extensive research to corroborate facts themselves.

If you are a small team or are dealing with concurrent issues, Analyst Access will amplify the benefits of threat intelligence by giving you helpful context to inform your preparedness efforts and emergency response. If you are a large organization, 24/7 access to experienced analysts can help you quickly confirm incident details from other threat data sources, as well as accelerate investigations into critical incidents impacting your people or business.

Information quality is the single most influential thing businesses can do to establish trust with employees, according to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer report.

Here are some of the ways Analyst Access will help you better protect your business and employees when you identify a risk.

  • Respond to critical events faster with increased context: With our analysts’ insights and support verifying crucial details, you’ll be able to act quickly when a threat approaches. When you are notified about an event, you can request important details on the spot to inform your response—without having to wait for updates to trickle out from news outlets or social media.
  • Get instant access 24/7, so you’re never left in the dark: The last thing you need during an emergency is to have to wait for important information. Our experts (e.g., analysts, researchers, meteorologists) are available around the clock, so you will always be able to gather critical context.
  • Feel more confident about your intel: Scrambling to find reliable information about an active threat can drain precious time and resources, especially when events are still unfolding. Our threat intelligence experts will have verified information you can trust, so you won’t be led astray by rumors or false leads.
  • Collaborate and connect with other businesses: Too many businesses tackle critical incidents feeling isolated. Analyst Access will help you connect and collaborate with other businesses going through the same situation. You’ll be able to collaborate with other teams within the secure chat and explore or participate in relevant discussions about the event.
“AlertMedia’s Analyst Access is a powerful way for us to gather credible context faster on local incidents and react effectively. Having trained experts on hand around the clock helps boost our capacity to keep our people safe and informed.” — Mark French, Chief Human Resources Officer, Dalkia Energy Solutions

How Analyst Access Can Help Your Organization

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With the wide range of threats businesses face today, from disease outbreaks to natural disasters, there are simply too many for any one person or team to claim comprehensive expertise. But with Analyst Access, our team of experts and meteorologists with extensive backgrounds in threat monitoring are available when you need them.

“Our Global Intelligence Team is comprised of global security leaders, military intelligence analysts, former law enforcement, and journalists, and they understand that during emergencies, seconds matter,” said Sara Pratley, Vice President of Global Intelligence at AlertMedia. “With the launch of Analyst Access, we are further expanding on our mission to save lives and minimize loss by providing timely, accurate information with human support to our customers during what may be some of the most critical moments for their business and employees.”

We’ve spent the past few months supporting over 100 businesses with early access to this service. Based on real-life events, we can confidently list several types of incidents where additional context from Analyst Access would also aid your preparation and response.

  • Active shooter situations: Solicit up-to-the-minute information about active shooters and crime near your people, facilities, and assets to inform your incident response strategy and ensure those in harm’s way are aware.
  • Natural disasters: In the event of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, wildfires, or tornados, you can reach out to our analysts as you make urgent decisions about how you can protect your people, whether that means evacuating or hunkering down.
  • Civil disturbances and protests: When civil unrest breaks out nearby, you won’t need to dig through social feeds to get updates on protest movements, property damage, or violent outbreaks. Our analysts can help you clarify when and how to prepare your business.
  • Weather events: When extreme weather threatens, you can chat with AlertMedia’s in-house meteorologists to glean insight as the event unfolds, including expected impact, resulting damage, transportation disruptions, evacuation orders, and more.

No matter what risks your business faces, instant access to reliable information and quick answers to your questions allow you to quickly escalate actions and communicate the right instructions to your employees.

See Analyst Access in Action

When you get an alert for a critical event, you don’t want to waste time refreshing feeds or tracking down news reports. Analyst Access is your hub for urgent expert insights and actionable clarity. It’s also a secure space to collaborate with other impacted businesses as you build business resilience in real-time. Our experts are on-call 24/7 to inform life-saving decisions during any emergency. Schedule a demo to learn more about how Analyst Access can support your organization’s emergency response.

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