Disaster Notification System is Essential during Tornados

By May 9, 2014 September 9th, 2019 Emergency Management

In the United States the greatest numbers of tornados are spotted during the months of April, May, and June. It is important to be prepared because a tornado can strike at any point, and communicating through a mass notification system can help save lives due to the short period of time you may have to communicate with your community. Tornados are unpredictable in nature and can be spotted anywhere in the United States; making text alerts a critical differentiator to ensure the safety of your community.

A recent story about the tornados in Alabama shows the importance of a text message alert system for your community:

“Brian Hall and his family live off Lee Road 205 in Salem.

He says he owes the safety of his family to a severe weather alert from WTVM that woke him up early Tuesday morning, just minutes before the category F-3 tornado touched down in Lee County.

“Both of our phones simultaneously went off and so we jumped out of bed and got dressed. I looked out at the back door and I could hear noise that was unfamiliar to me,” explains Hall.

Hall and his family huddled in the bathroom to ride out the storm, never thinking the roof off their home and shed would be blown away in seconds.”

The bulk SMS system was essential because “Residents on Lee Road 205 are not able to hear tornado sirens.” Text alerts was the only mode of communication able to reach residents on Lee Road 205. As Hall explains, “We can’t hear sirens, but both of those tones and the WTVM app went off at the same time and told us to seek shelter, that’s what we did.”

During disasters, text warning systems are essential for alerting residents or your employees to take immediate action. The AlertMedia system is built with an accurate and timely weather alert system that covers weather for the entire United States and provides our customers information specific to their area’s zip code. Ensuring your people are notified in a timely manner to take the necessary precautions to stay safe.



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