Announcing SafeSignal: Protect Your Employees in the Field

By February 18, 2016 September 10th, 2019 Safety and Security

AlertMedia is excited to announce SafeSignal: a monitoring service designed to deliver safety and security confidence to employees working in high-risk environments. SafeSignal combines a mobile app and tether with an expert monitoring team working to ensure employees are protected around the clock. If SafeSignal is by your side, our team is by your side.

This intuitive tool gives employees the ability to quickly signal for help from law enforcement from a locked phone without pressing a button. Even in the most stressful scenarios, SafeSignal is accessible and easy to use.

Here’s how it works: In high-risk situations or locations, employees can plug the tether into their phone and activate SafeSignal in advance, knowing they are protected with our monitoring team and law enforcement by their side. If the situation turns dangerous, they can quickly call for help by pulling the tether from the phone.

Pulling the brightly-colored tether, which also serves as a deterrent, activates an audible alarm on the phone and sends a distress signal to the AlertMedia monitoring team. We’ll immediately respond according to a custom action plan established with the employer, which typically includes dispatching law enforcement to the user’s precise location.

With our initial rollout across the state of Texas, where several state and local agencies are using the service, we’ve seen how SafeSignal gives employees peace of mind to confidently execute their job. Employees feel safe and supported in stressful and dangerous situations.

Across all different types of industries, employees are increasingly in danger. It’s critical for organizations to provide the tools necessary to keep employees protected, improve business resilience and reduce turnover. By providing an accessible tool and service that delivers safety and security confidence into the hands of every employee, SafeSignal is setting the standard for employee safety.

To learn more about the SafeSignal service, take a look at our event monitoring software solutions.

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