AlertMedia Brings Home the Gold at ASTORS Awards
Company News Nov 16, 2018

AlertMedia Brings Home the Gold at ASTORS Awards

For the second year in a row, AlertMedia has received the Gold ASTORS Award in the category of “Best Mass Notification System!”

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We are pleased to announce that AlertMedia has received the Gold ASTORS Award in the category of “Best Mass Notification System” for the second year in a row!

About the ASTORS Awards Program

The Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards is a prestigious program that highlights the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming onto the market today.

“‘ASTORS’ nominations are evaluated on their technical innovation, interoperability, specific impact within the category, overall impact to the industry, relatability to other industry technologies, and application feasibility outside of the industry,” according to Tammy Waitt, co-founder and editorial director of American Security Today.

AlertMedia Wins Gold For Best Mass Notification System

AlertMedia was selected to receive the Gold Award because of our innovations in audience interaction and targeted messaging. As the world’s fastest-growing emergency communications software provider, we have changed the mass notifications landscape. Companies now expect to be able to dynamically target the specific audience that needs to receive each message, and then get valuable responses from those people as well.

A few of our cutting-edge features and differentiators include:

Multi-channel delivery

AlertMedia allows you to choose between multiple channels when sending your notification—including text, phone call, email, social media, mobile app push, intranet, desktop takeover, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, and any number of unlimited custom channels. AlertMedia integrates with any accessible system so our customers reach their audiences anywhere and everywhere.

Audience interactions and content

All messages sent through AlertMedia allow for two-way communication, meaning recipients can respond to any message sent. These responses can include long-form messages, read confirmations, and survey responses. Your people can also request help, share their location, and submit updates from the front line, helping you better protect them and manage an event to a successful outcome.

Event pages

Event pages provide your employees with a single webpage to find the most up-to-date information on the event, without having to send a new notification with each new development. On the event page, you can post updates, answer questions, and upload valuable continuity information (such as emergency response plans, photos, and video) as the event transpires.

Mobile app

While our emergency notification software can be easily accessed through a web browser, we know emergencies do not always occur when you’re behind a desktop computer. The AlertMedia mobile application provides our administrators nearly every feature included within the desktop version in an easy-to-use, native mobile app experience.

AlertMedia Recognized For Best Mobile Technology Product

In addition, AlertMedia’s employee safety monitoring solution was given the Bronze ASTORS Award in the extremely competitive category of “Best Mobile Technology Product.” This is the first year that AlertMedia has been recognized in this category.

AlertMedia’s app has revolutionized lone worker safety. Lone workers, such as home healthcare providers, social workers, and real estate agents, face significant dangers while away from the safety of their office and peers. They have long needed a solution to deter would-be threats, and immediately connect them to law enforcement in case a threat does arise.

AlertMedia’s lone worker solution does exactly that—ensuring that lone workers are never alone, even when they are unaccompanied. AlertMedia improves lone worker safety by combining a smartphone app with a 24/7 monitoring center based in AlertMedia’s Austin office. To use the system, lone workers simply download the safety app on their phone and start a timed monitoring session when they go to perform their job. Then, if anything goes awry, they can either press the panic button or let the timed session expire—sounding an alarm and dispatching the authorities to their precise location.

AlertMedia is a game-changer for lone worker safety because of the following key components:

A hands-free solution

If a threat does arise, pressing the panic button or letting the timed session expire will immediately trigger a loud alarm—notifying anyone in the area that law enforcement is being alerted. This can scare off the attacker and help de-escalate the situation.

24/7 Monitoring

When a threat arises, the AlertMedia monitoring center is immediately notified. While the lone worker might not be able to pull out their phone and dial 9-1-1—or be in a mental state to clearly and efficiently convey relevant information—the AlertMedia monitoring center is manned with former 9-1-1 operators prepared to advocate for the lone worker and dispatch law enforcement.

Informed connection to law enforcement

Before starting their first monitoring session, the app prompts the user to enter relevant information—like their general physical appearance and the make/model of their car—so that the professionally-staffed monitoring center can provide that information to law enforcement in the case of an incident. Best of all, the app has access to the lone worker’s precise GPS location. So even if the lone worker is forced to move, the monitoring center can keep law enforcement up-to-date on their real-time location.

A hands-free solution

Crucially, AlertMedia’s lone worker solution is completely hands-free. While other panic-button solutions require the user to unlock their phone and open the app, the reality is that in many emergency situations, that is unfeasible. Lone workers need a solution they can use to easily trigger an alarm even if they are under attack or on the run.

We are honored to receive these two awards recognizing our consistent innovation and commitment to excellence, both in mass communications and lone worker safety.

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